Dec 22

“Don’t like GMOs? The “natural foods” industry is not your friend” By Jon Rappoport

December 22, 2014

If Monsanto, its allies, and dupes have their way, this is what is going to happen:

A federal law will be passed, canceling the right of individual states and counties to ban or label GMOs. Companies and retailers will be permitted to voluntarily label their food products “non-GMO,” if they use approved labs for testing.

The obvious consequence? We will eternally co-exist with Monsanto and the other biotech giants. More GMO foods, more toxic pesticides. Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 22

Dr. Rashid Buttar Advanced Medicine, Bowling/Becker CPS medical kidnap, spiritual Alzheimers, Ebola, US vaccine-autism denial profit &more!

Bring the Bowling & Becker children home!

The Robert Scott Bell Show December 22, 2014

Monday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EST: Did you know that mixing statin drugs with certain antibiotics (all approved by the FDA) could have deadly consequences? Could it be real that over 1 billion people worldwide are now estimated to use statins? What does that say about the gullibility of the human race? How far from the dartboard analogy is the making of each year’s flu vaccine? RSB calls it democracy for dunderheads as it comes down to a vote among scientists with pharmaceutical conflicts of interest. How well did they do this year? They are sucking eggs. We’ll explain. Did you hear about Pope Francis issued a blistering critique of Vatican bureaucracy, diagnosing them with spiritual Alzheimer’s? We’ll review some of his list and see how it applies to political groups as well. Where else is there sickness in the human psyche? Try allopathic hospitals, government child protective services and the judiciary that bows to the medical church. Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 21

“Immigration, open US borders: the secret reason” By Jon Rappoport

December 20, 2014

Here is one, rarely spoken, justification for an open border with Mexico: “Well, we’ve done so many bad things to Mexico in the past, the compensation has to be unlimited immigration.”

If that’s the case, then along with opening the border, the US government would naturally stop doing bad things to Mexico now. Right? Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 21

Jonathan Emord, Executive Order abuse, medical kidnappings, Cuba cigars, Not-A-Doc Chris Barr, diabetes-cancer, USDA pesticides & more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show December 21, 2014 Click here to download & listen now!

Sunday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 1-3PM EST: Happy Winter Solstice in the Northern hemisphere! The light is about to return! RSB and Jonathan Emord discuss the violation of separation of powers inherent in Obama’s unconstitutional Executive Orders on immigration and more! Why has the government decided to collude with the medical monopoly in the abduction of children based on specious claims of medical abuse or neglect? Who is profiting? Even Canada is in on the act! A solicitor general there wants curbs on Freedom of Speech in the U.S. based on the unflattering coverage coming from the new media. What’s up with change in relations with the communist island nation of Cuba? Do you support more normalization of interaction like Sen. Rand Paul or oppose it like Sen. Marco Rubio? Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 21

“Freedom to offend, but not to assault” by Jonathan Emord


By Attorney Jonathan Emord, Author of “The Rise of Tyranny” and “Global Censorship of Health Information” and “Restore The Republic
December 15, 2014

 When construed in accordance with its plain and intended meaning, the First Amendment disarms government of any power whatsoever over speech and press, but sometimes speech exceeds the realm of communication and merges with criminal acts in the form of fraud, conspiracy, or assault. Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 20

“FDA approved Gardasil 9: Malfeasance or Stupidity?” By Norma Erickson

Malfeasance is when a public official violates the public trust by performing an act that is wrongful, legally unjustified, or contrary to law. Nonfeasance is the failure to act where there is a duty to act. Misfeasance is conduct that is lawful but inappropriate. Perhaps, when it comes to the recent approval of Gardasil 9 all of these apply.

10 December 2014: The FDA approved the use of a reportedly ’new and improved’ version of Gardasil, which will be marketed as Gardasil 9. Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 20

“George Clooney knows N. Korea hacked Sony? Really?” By Jon Rappoport

December 20, 2014

“…it [the Sony hack] wasn’t just probably North Korea; it was North Korea.” George Clooney, Deadline Hollywood.

This article isn’t about new repressive Internet legislation, or Sony pulling the Interview movie, or theaters refusing to show it, or lawyers’ advice, or TMZ fodder.

It’s about Hollywood stars and how they claim to know what they know. Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 19

Dr. Frank King Healing Revolution, pet & large animal remedies, Mike Adams’ groundbreaking, radiation rep, flu shots & more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show December 19, 2014 Click here to download & listen now!

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EST: RSB and Mike Adams discuss the first series of groundbreaking “low-tech” inventions for growing your own food from Essentially, what we are going to be announcing is a series of important innovations and solutions that can be 3D printed at very low cost and which use no electricity or electronics to operate. Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 18

Tanner’s Dad Tim Welsh, 500 million #CDCwhistlblower rising, Autism, Feds back off on Cannabis, Doc Nuzum, HPV, radiation detox & more!

Listen HERE: Click Here Click Here Click Here Archive

The Robert Scott Bell Show December 18, 2014

Thursday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EST: Do you know about the news that prompted the Twitter campaign surrounding the #CDCwhistleblower? According the Bolen Report, it’s like five hundred million billboards across the US telling Big Pharma to take their vaccine program and shove it up where the sun doesn’t shine. Tanner’s Dad Tim Welsh, contributing editor to Age of Autism, joins RSB to discuss the growing reach of new media in doing what the corporate controlled government restricted media will not. Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 18

“Monsanto: science and fraud are the same thing – Especially when the media agree and offer their seal of approval” By Jon Rappoport

December 18, 2014

Imagine this. A killer is put on trial, and the jury, in a surprise verdict, finds him not guilty. Afterwards, reporters interview this killer. He says, “The jury freed me. It’s up to them. They decide. That’s what justice is all about.”

Then the press moves along to members of the jury, who say: Well, we had to take the defendant’s word. He said he was innocent, so that’s what we ruled.

That’s an exact description of the FDA and Monsanto partnership.

When you cut through the verbiage that surrounded the introduction of GMO food into America, you arrive at two key statements. One from Monsanto and one from the FDA, the agency responsible for overseeing, licensing, and certifying new food varieties as safe. Read the rest of this entry »

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