Jun 29

Whole Foods, Sanders, and Monsanto, OTB with Ty Bollinger! Merck HPV shames parents, cancer stories, medical conspiracies, Dr Shunney CBD!

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016 – 7-9PM EDT

Wednesday, on the Robert Scott Bell Show: check out RSB on FB and Periscope

In this May 3, 2011 photo, shoppers depart a Whole Foods Market store location in Providence, R.I. Whole Foods Market Inc. reports quarterly financial earnings Wednesday, May 4, 2011, after the market close. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

According to breaking news reports, Whole Foods Market (WFM) has gone full rogue, partnering with Monsanto to kill GMO labeling across America under the guise of a new, fraudulent “GMO labeling compromise” in the U.S. Senate that’s actually a fake labeling law requiring no clear labeling of GMOs whatsoever.  Why is the government allowed to partner with companies to decide what we should and should not know?

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Jun 29

“Trump vs. the Globalists: gunfight at OK Corral” by Jon Rappoport

trumpworldJune 29, 2016 (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrixclick here.)

In his recent speech in Pennsylvania, Trump clarified and intensified his anti-Globalist position.  The Associated Press reports:

“’This wave of globalization has wiped out totally, totally our middle class,’ said Trump.”

“Trump…criticized [Hillary Clinton’s] past support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership [TPP trade deal], which he described as ‘the deathblow for American manufacturing.’”

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Jun 28

FDA wants more control! Senate stalls Zika, scares golfers? Ian Clark, wonders of coriander, Moms screen Vaxxed, QOTD, Ag+, Alzheimers

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016 – 7-9PM EDT

Tuesday, on the Robert Scott Bell Show: check out RSB on FB and Periscope

FDA approvedThis week, six former commissioners of the Food and Drug Administration dating back to President Reagan have called on Congress to give the FDA more power by making it an independent, cabinet-level agency. They argue that the agency, which regulates about a quarter of the nation’s economy, has been hamstrung by red tape and micromanagement from the top.

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Jun 27

Advanced Medicine Monday – plus veterinary care! No GMOs, silver 4 your pets! Dr. Rashid Buttar, Marlene Siegal, Paul Barattiero, and more!

Monday, June 27th, 2016 – 7-9PM EDT

Monday, on the Robert Scott Bell Show: check out RSB on FB and Periscope
imagejpeg_0We open the week following the I-ACT Conference with Paul Barattiero and Dr. Marlene Siegel, sharing stories from the weekend.  When all these crazy health advocates get together, there’s a lot of learning, but lots of fun too!  You can’t help but enjoy yourself when everyone around you genuinely cares for people, and has great energy and a positive attitude because they take good care of their mind and body.  No GMOs here! Shout out to Mickie’s Cafe and Organics for feeding these weary travelers and keeping them in wholesome healthy food all weekend long.  Like their page and show them some love!

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Jun 26

Brexit and the Matrix; Elites: “how horribly stupid Brexit people are” by Jon Rappoport

brexitJune 26, 2016 (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealedclick here.)

The EU and its associated financial institutions were built on the premise that no one would escape. That’s the long and short of it.

But of course, nations could get out if they decided to.

Which is what just happened in Britain.

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Jun 26

Robert goes to the movies! Echo water reviews with Paul Barrattiero, more doubts about Zika, NDE story, Tommy Rosa, Chromium for diabetes?

Sunday, June 26th, 2016 – 7-9PM EDT

Sunday, on the Robert Scott Bell Show: Live from the I-ACT conference – check out updates from RSB on FB and Periscope

brazilBrazil’s microcephaly epidemic continues to pose a mystery — if Zika is the culprit, why are there no similar epidemics in other countries also hit hard by the virus? In Brazil, the microcephaly rate soared with more than 1,500 confirmed cases. But in Colombia, a recent study of nearly 12,000 pregnant women infected with Zika found zero microcephaly cases.

If Zika is to blame for microcephaly, where are the missing cases? Perhaps there is another reason for the epidemic in Brazil. According to a new report by the New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI), the number of missing cases in Colombia and elsewhere raises serious questions about the assumed connection between Zika and microcephaly.

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Jun 24

Brexit vote – great news! I-ACT, colon hydrotherapy? Doc of Detox Darrell Wolfe, using meds, Holistic vet Dr. Marlene Siegel, Paul Barattiero H2!

Friday, June 24th, 2016 – 7-9PM EDT

Friday, on the Robert Scott Bell Show: Live from the I-ACT conference – check out updates from RSB on FB and Periscope

whirlpoolFreshman Friday is back – and we’re here to flush-out the mystery behind the I- ACT!  Is it a test? A command? Something your high-school drama coach yelled right before you started posing like a tree?

Answer: None of the above! It is in fact the association of colon hydro-therapists.  It’s true, this group may not make the nightly ABC news, but they are wide-spread, highly educated, and caring group of health practitioners who want to see people look and feel their best.

flag_united_kingdom_british_flag_55282_3840x2400How does it all work?  Who is a candidate for this treatment?  What are the benefits?  RSB handles all of our Freshman-level questions from Captain Morgen…and makes inappropriate potty jokes as usual.

Speaking of things exiting…let’s talk about Brexit!  A monumental decision was made last night as “the will of the people” was heard via vote, and Britain will be the first country since the founding of the EU to quit the party.  This decision is hated by all the right people, but many Americans are encouraged.  Do we believe in self determination?  Is it time for individual states in America to take back some of their power?  So much to discuss on this topic. Our friend Jon Rappaport wrote a great piece hitting some of the main pros and cons of the situation. Check it out here!

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Jun 24

“Brexit, and goals and ops of the Deep State” By Jon Rappoport

brexitJune 24, 2016 NoMoreFakeNews.com

We have to start with Brexit, which scored a victory last night. Britain leaves the EU. Bang. Other European countries are ready to put the same referendum up for vote. And George Soros is making money from having invested in gold earlier in the month. Naturally. The vulture never sleeps.

Speaking of money making money, the “hysterical aftershocks” in trading markets, right after the Brexit victory was projected, are all synthetic and artificial manipulations, laid on to prove a point: see what happens when a country defects from the New Order? Meanwhile, the people who had real jobs yesterday still have them today. Life goes on. Britain will still be able to engage in trade with other countries, despite Obama’s warning that they’ll have to stand in the back of the line to make deals with the US. Nonsense. Blather. Obama is failing in his job as front man for Rockefeller Globalists. If he can’t get Senate ratification on the TPP and the TTIP deals now, he’ll be the CFR’s failure of the decade. Hillary, who came out against Brexit, is looking like a clown with egg on her face.

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Jun 23

Sacred Fire of Liberty, Cheryl Chumley, Norm Singleton! Sit in shut down, privacy policy, Trump fights back, adrenal fatigue, colorectal cancer?

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016 – 7-9PM EDT

Thursday, on the Robert Scott Bell Show: Sacred Fire of Liberty!

Guest hosting with RSB – Cheryl Chumley, and Norm Singleton!

trump (1)(From Cheryl): Donald Trump, in a Wednesday morning much-anticipated speech from New York City, unleashed a scathing counterattack against likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, calling her a “world-class-liar” – who a day earlier, had just pointed out why the billionaire businessman was a sub-par pick for the White House, in a blistering verbal assault of her own.

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Jun 22

Michael Boldin, Tenth Amendment Center 10th year! Gloria Gilbere at I-ACT with RSB! Dr. Darrell Wolfe, Ty Bollinger, The Truth About Cancer

Wednesday, June 21st, 2016 – 7-9PM EDT

Wednesday, on the Robert Scott Bell Show:  Outside the Box with Ty Bollinger

Special Guest: Michael Bolden

The_Tenth_AmendmentHappy anniversary to the Tenth Amendment Center! “The Tenth Amendment Center is the nation’s leading source for constitutional education and nullification activism. While the establishment left and right continue to expand federal power, our goal is straightforward. The Constitution: Every issue, every time. No exceptions, no excuses.”  Friend to the show, Michael Bolden joins us to share more about his organization and their current work.  Thanks for all you do to defend our rights!

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