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Jan 31

Jack Hunter Southern Avenger, Ron Paul Strategy, Darren Craddock, Digestion, Detoxification, Weight Loss, Drug Side Effect Commercials, Natural Cancer Cures, Kosher Gingrich and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show January 31, 2012

What’s on tap today? Are you tired of drug side effects being masked by pretty music, puppy dogs and shiny happy people? RSB and Super Don have got a solution! More Gardasil side effects in the news! Did you know about the 2 new identified natural substances that can help rid your body of cancer? …

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Jan 30

Dr. Rashid Buttar, Advanced Medicine, Liver Detoxification from IV NSAIDS, Ron Paul Fitness, Paula Deen Diabetes, Yoga Danger Regulation, Homeopathic Antidotes, LeRoy NY (not) Mass Hysteria amd More on The Robert Scott Bell Show January 30, 2012


What’s with the new love for Ron Paul among the mainstream media pundits? RSB and Super Don explain the inexplicable as Dr. Paul proves that no standing army can stop an idea whose time has come! Could caffeine be elevating your estrogen levels? What’s with Paula Deen’s diabetic profit center? Do we need yoga licensing …

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Jan 29

Vaccine Wars, Erin Brockovich on Leroy 12 (15 Plus Boy), Chris Barr, Cadmium-Selenium Relationship, Raw Milk Vending, No More NSAIDs Kids, High Health Insurance Costs and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show (GCN) broadcast for January 29, 2012, 1-3 PM EST


Call In Number: 1-800-259-5791 Hour 1 – The LeRoy 12 is now 15 including a boy! Erin Brockovich? Cadmium proficiency equals Selenium deficiency! Chris Barr returns to restore food grown nutritional integrity! Erin Brockovich Launches Investigation Into Tic Illness Affecting NY Teenagers “Environmental activist Erin Brockovich has launched her own investigation into the mysterious illness …

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Jan 27

Dr. Frank King Healing Revolution, Water Retention, Bladder Incontinence, UTI’s, Interstitial Cystitis, The Vaccine Refusers, Michael Belkin, HPV Throat Cancer Propaganda, Ron Paul Debate Review, Science Deniers, Informed Consent and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show January 27, 2012


Physiological healing, political healing, economic healing? We’ve got it all on The RSB Show today! Plus some debate review! Did Ron Paul really challenge the other candidates to a 25 mile bike ride in the hot Texas sun? Look out – there’s more HPV shot propaganda on the way – and it’s targeting men this …

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Jan 25

Mass Psychogenic Radio, Richard Pearl, Liam Scheff, PMS, Raiding Pension Funds, Childhood Asthma, Speak of the Fed, Newt’s Narcissism, Rotavirus Vaccine, Drugging Grief and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show January 26, 2012


Does your daughter suffer from a post-vaccination mass psychogenic illness? Or are the doctors who make such diagnoses the sick ones? Heartburn and proton-pump-inhibiting drugs are being given to children with asthma – is it any wonder why RSB refers to doctors as having a medical duh-gree? Doctors surely would not treat premature babies as …

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Jan 25

Dr. Charles Richards Psychology of Wealth, Law of Economy, Orange TKO Environmental Cleanse, H1N1 Injects Generation X, Raw Milk Queen, Colloidal Silver Question, Helping Kids Lose Weight and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show January 25, 2012

Jerry doyle 003

Is President Obama now a prescription drug? Yesterday’s State of the Union is now considered a cure for insomnia. What else is on the show today? Raw milk, Generation X and the flu shot, environmental clean up, questions about silver, the Law of Economy, the long hard road to success, vaccine bubbles and much more! …

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Jan 24

Mike Adams, TSA Tyranny on Rand Paul, Dr. Carolyn Dean, Homeopathic ADHD Options, Ron Paul Debate Review, Liam Scheff on 9/11, HIV Test Criminality, Heavy Metal Detox and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show January 24, 2012


Mike Adams returns to The RSB Show Tuesday, January 24 to discuss Sen. Rand Paul, TSA criminal activity, Executive Branch tyranny and more! Also, Dr. Carolyn Dean joins me to squash the use of ADHD drugs with nutrition and homeopathy. Keep Kids Off Drugs: Homeopathy for Children’s Emotional Health: Are you going …

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Jan 23

Dr. Rashid Buttar, Advanced Medicine, Redefining Autism, Lifting the Curtain on the LeRoy 12, Mass Psychogenic Illness, Handling Hypoglycemia, Fast Food Vaccine Incentives, Breast Milk Threat, Valueless Newt, Ron Paul Presidential Plans, on The Robert Scott Bell Show January 23, 2012

What’s in the news today? Mystery illnesses, mass psychogenesis, fast food for vaccines, breast milk prohibitions, redefining autism, heavy metal detox, surviving cravings, articulating Newt Gingrich’s 1st place toast, Ron Paul’s presidential plan and much more! Who is trying to redefine autism and why? Who better to go beyond the media coverage about the strange …

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Jan 22

Tourette’s-like Mysterious 12 in LeRoy NY, Mysterious Newt in SC, Forced Birth Control, Federal Raw Milk Abolition, Broken Bird Flu and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show (GCN) broadcast for January 22, 2012, from 1 PM to 3 PM EST.

Organic Racing for Ron Paul

Call In Number: 1-800-259-5791 – Listen Line Number: 760-569-7715 Hour 1 – Political and Nutritional Mysteries – South Carolina Primary, Forced “Pill” and Raw Milk Prohibition by the Obama Administration! Are you discouraged by Ron Paul’s 4th Place finish in the SC Republican Primary? Don’t be. He got over 4 times the number of …

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Jan 20

Tom Woods, Operation Grandma for Ron Paul, Debate Review, Dr. Frank King, Healing Revolution, PMS Relief, Uterine Fibroids, Infertility, Female Libido, Fake HIV Tests, Nudist Pirates for Gingrich and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show January 20, 2012

"Please keep fighting for my future!"

Are you ready for post-debate coverage like nowhere else in media? The blowhard political pundits at CNN, MSNBC and FOX are trying mightily to ignore Ron Paul, which means they are deathly afraid of the message of health freedom and genuine liberty. Fortunately, liberty is what we do best! We kick off the Healing Revolution …

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