A thoughtful letter of thanks from a listener in Alaska

Dr. Bell,

Greetings and salutations from up north. May I also say that I greatly appreciate the helpful information that occurred yesterday. Amazing thing happened when my wife and I drove into the “big” city of Anchorage. As luck would have it, I happened upon two old friends and one of them mentioned that they’d recently heard you on the Michael Savage radio show. Although she already knew about whole food GTF Chromium from the show, I did manage to pass along some encouraging words, which I’d previously received from you. Believe me, these words were well taken, since they both had diabetes. I could easily tell that hope was surely kindled. So, as you can see, your words are far reaching and making their way even through the heartland of Alaska. I hope this bit of info confirms that your message is indeed getting out and encourages you, in spite of the FDA, the AMA, & etcetera, to the contrary.
I’ve personally observed what happens when some people come to realize the importance of an awesomely astounding piece of information and they grasp the absolute significance that it holds for mankind. They immediately seize the moment and act upon it. Others may come upon the exact same place and never realize the importance or it’s full ramification. What becomes a mission for one, is a mere footnote for most others. You, I believe, have rightly seized this moment and have risen to the occasion. The wounded and countless afflicted are waiting to hear your healing words. May an army respond and help carry the assault forward … and may God’s spirit be with you.
Very Cordially,
Jerry Henry