Anti-Vaccine Validation, Innate Immunity, Antibody Acrimony, Hygiene Hypothesis, Sean Stone Speaks War Prevention, Historical Control Conspiracies, Real Jin/Jeanies, Pink Slime Public School Lunches and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show March 8, 2012

RSB is back in studio and glad to be catching up with Super Don on the latest news in health and healing! Does anyone you know still think that vaccines are necessary to prevent disease? It’s called the “Hygiene Hypothesis.” We’ll reveal a study that shows antibodies are not all that necessary. Could this be a “see, I told you so” moment? Somebody call the Amish and find out why their kids have so little asthma and allergies! Also, where is the pink slime in your burger if it is no longer at McDonald’s? Hide the kids and keep them home from government schools – we’ll tell you where it went. We may even have time for a Ron Paul update and Moment of Duh!

RSB and Sean Stone at The Health Freedom Expo

Then, RSB and Liam Scheff interview Sean (son of filmmaker Oliver) Stone. Stone is fresh from an interview with Piers Morgan on CNN. We talk about Iran, nuclear policy, the intentional destabilization of the Middle East, and the over-arching plan being played out by those who pull the strings of international warfare and commerce. Sean takes us even deeper through the looking glass, as he explains the concept of “Jin,” and posits that the ‘bad guys’ really are out there, worshiping dark forces, and taking us down into the murky depths with them. What can we do to wake ourselves up and change our present? Tune in for this one of a kind interview – and move over George Noory, there’s a new sheriff in town… and and

Liam concludes: “Awareness is the enemy of this sleep waking state.” RSB adds: “In order to walk in full consciousness, this awareness must be reinforced by right action.”

Other stories we cover on The RSB Show today:

Think your kids are safe because you don’t let them eat at McDonald’s? The strange pink slime has migrated to the school lunch program courtesy the U.S. Taxpayer and USDA…

Why do Amish farm kids have a fraction of the asthma and allergy cases of the non-farm and non-Amish community?

How long has RSB been saying that antibodies are not necessary to prevent viral infection? More validation from the scientific community…

How’s this for a Moment of Duh?

Super Tuesday seconds? Ben Swann relates the real Ron Paul delegate count! and

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It’s finally here! Vaccines: Armed and Dangerous – All the Things They Don’t Want You to Hear! – with Jon Rappoport and RSB – Save $20 right now! I downloaded the Vaccine seminar a couple of weeks ago, and I am about 90% thru it. I will be going over it the second time with my wife very soon. Great work! I was wanting a more cogent and hard hitting approach, but as I listened and considered what you were doing, I think it is genius! So many are unaware, and have not any understanding of these things; They need time to process the vast amount of information. Not to mention what you two took so great care in doing to transition people from vaccine delusion, to vaccine truth. – John Barker

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