Aussie vaccine-free child care? Dr. Rashid Buttar, mercury, barium, autism, anti-science Monsanto, QOTD: Vitamin C for cancer, and Crohn’s optons!

March 20th, 2017, 7-9PM EDT

Monday on The Robert Scott Bell Show: 

A mum of two from Sydney’s northern beaches wants to set up anti-vaccine child care to get around the potential extension of NSW’s ‘No Jab No Play’ laws. Heidi Street posted in secret anti-vax Facebook group, ‘Vaccine Free Australia’ asking its 5000 members for “expressions of interest” in family day care at her house, two days a week for up to four children. “I’m supporting the family’s who have concerns regarding vaccinations”, she told 9Honey.

A national call-in day for vaccine safety and reform has been announced by Revolution For Truth, in partnership with the World Mercury Project and other organizations seeking to protect the lives of children.


My son (19), was diagnosed with Chron’s disease a month ago. His GI doctor wanted to put him on Remicade before he was done with the Prednisone. I am a member of FMTV and found the healthy gut seminars, where I learned about your Silver protocol and I have purchase your book unlock the power to heal. My son has chosen not to begin treatment with the Remicade until he can explore the natural cures and diet. He has a ND who has practiced for 25 years whom he really likes and doesn’t want to leave. I have requested that she support the Silver protocol to speed his healing but she does not support it. She asked me for case studies. I could give her anything. Do you case studies available that you could send to her?




Can you suggest a remedy that you may have tried for jaw pain after surgical removal of a molar? Homeopathy would be preferred but anything apart from the painkillers I am taking.
Thanks so much!


Chau Smith is a 70-year-old Missouri runner who has competed in approximately 70 races. Last year, she decided she wanted to set the bar even higher for herself with a new goal: Run seven marathons on seven continents in the span of one week. And she did it.