Autism One, Karen Kain’s Vaccine-Injured/Killed Lauren’s Story, Cargill’s Pink Slime Ammonia Crying, High Fat for Diabetes, Ron Paul Still in the Race, Jon Rappoport Busts Consensus Reality, Syngenta’s GMO Secrets, California’s Greece Problem and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show May 15, 2012

Did you miss today’s broadcast? Click here to download and listen now! Contrary to what you hear in the old and lame mainstream media, Ron Paul is still in the race for the presidency. Whether he gets there or not, the principles for which he stands are making a comeback. Will it be too little, too late? You may ask, with what money will the powers that be continue their reign of terror and economic enslavement? If Greece is any indication, numbered their days are (thank you, Yoda). Could California be far behind? What else is on tap today? Super Don discovered another evil monster in the genetic lineage of Monsanto and Dupont – and it’s practically in his backyard! Is it in yours? We’ll reveal it! Also, there is breaking news from the FDA! Could they be about to approve EVERY drug awaiting review? Pink slime is back in the news as Big Food cries that it may have to hire butchers with knives. Cry me an ammonia river! And finally, could a high fat diet be the answer to obesity and diabetes? The shocking facts will be revealed, no permission required, especially since the power to heal is yours!

In my continuing series of interviews leading to the Autism One Conference in Lombard (Chicago), Illinois, May 23-27, 2012, Karen Kain joins me to share her heart-wrenching story: “My daughter Lorrin Kain was injured by her one and only Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus, (DPT), vaccine April 27, 1994. It was on that day Lorrin became a statistic. I also became a statistic just for being her mother. The government felt my daughter’s life was an appropriate exchange for what they refer to as herd immunity. She was sacrificed for the health of all babies. This is rare, right? Vaccines aren’t supposed to cause damage. Most parents think that it won’t happen to them.” Why would the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Court attack her and destroy her family simply for being a victim of dangerous vaccines? On December 22, 2009, Lorrin died at her home in the arms of her mother. And now, through the work of Karen as a speaker and writer, Lorrin lives on. The lessons she taught her mother during her short 15 years on Earth are also for us to learn from. Karen and her daughter had a relationship that was probably much deeper than that of a typical mother and child because of Lorrin’s condition. Karen dedicated her life to caring for Lorrin and she believes her daughter had a great purpose here. She will share that purpose on The RSB Show today. and

Investigative writer Jon Rappoport returns to counter the authoritarian overlords with humor and facts! What if Nancy Pelosi spoke truthfully about nationalized health care? What would happen? Check out the new animated video of Nancy Pelosi as the Black Swan, admitting the great danger of Obama-care (adult language warning)! Never one to shy from challenging consensus reality, Jon does it again in this video, where Obama proudly proclaims the mantle of being the first black AND white president! What else might we discuss? Dietary supplement freedom and the pending economic collapse in California! Remember, “Vaccines: Armed and Dangerous!” is still available for download!

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Other stories we might cover on The RSB Show today:

Super Don discovers a monster nearly as big and bad as Monsanto and Dupont right near his own “back yard!” We reveal the hidden story of Syngenta, which shall be hidden no longer! They want you to accept GMO seeds why? So that your kids can spend more time in school being indoctrinated on the wonders of biotechnology! Monsanto’s not big and bad enough? Check out the secret pact with Syngenta! Has the Syngenta “science” been debunked? Pesticides are harmless. We should all eat as much as we can and spray the bees, too!

RSB was on The Jerry Doyle Show last Friday where he shocked the national audience with advice for losing weight! What did he say? The science not only supports him but also goes one better! High fat or low fat?

Is infant testosterone levels affected by genetics or environment more? Once again, The RSB Show is vindicated.

Cargill cries as they are forced by consumers to go back to using a knife instead of ammonia…,0,680413.story

We are winning the vaccine information wars! Check out the amazing congressional testimony from Vermont!!

What happens if you develop anti-virus software? You become a profitable business and businessman. What happens if you research natural botanical solutions for viral, bacterial and fungal threats to humans instead of computers? You get arrested. Artificial life forms never had it so good…

Greece is beyond the verge of economic collapse – is California next?

Did you listen to RSB’s interview with Tom Woods about the Tenth Amendment and State Nullification? Thanks to Natural News it is now transcribed into readable form!

Ron Paul has not dropped out. Ron Paul has not suspended his campaign. and

I repeat: The Ron Paul r3VOLution is alive and well. Look out Tampa, here we come!

Vaccines: Armed and Dangerous – All the Things They Don’t Want You to Hear! Co-created by Jon Rappoport and RSB – Save $20 right now!

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