Big Sis Napolitano’s 1984 Protestations, Liam Scheff, HIV Test Fallacies, Counterfeit Culture, Vaishali Emotional Healing Post-9/11, The Robert Scott Bell Show September 7, 2011

"We sort of check with our lawyers before we spy on you..."

RSB and special guest, Liam Scheff (the Conspiracy Realist) take it to Big Sis Janet Napolitano to task in the week preceding the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.  Called ‘Big Sis” after George Orwell’s “Big Brother” from the prescient book 1984, Napolitano is doing her best to “kind of” deflect widespread criticism.

She explains that the Department of Homeland Security is not an Orwellian agency: “We don’t do anything without *kind of* running it through our own civil rights and privacy office.” Kind of?

Does the T.S.A. make you feel “kind of” free, or very intimidated and violated? What other rights have been “kind of” annihilated since 9/11?

– Children are given three dozen drugs in a single hospital stay – but are forbidden from eating organic foods by the FDA!

– Parents are “kind of” forced to allow the State to inject their children with heavy metals and toxins (called ‘vaccines), and forbidden from making sane, informed medical decisions on their own.

But Napolitano says that this is freedom. She explains that you should think of the Federal Government as your “Federal Family.”

Hey, does your family inject you with poison and x-ray you under penalty of imprisonment? (If so, you’d better call a lawyer!) We’re going to have to opt out of this ‘Federal Family.” Tune in to find out how….

Vaishali, author of You Are What You Love, returns to elevate consciousness in the aftermath of the events of 9/11 ten years later. Can anger over these tragic events help or hinder. Is there a way to see a bigger picture when events conspire to deprive us of life and liberty? Can we fight back without actually fighting? RSB asks some tough, emotionally wrenching questions in ways the old media would never. Special message from Vaishali in preparation for the interview:

“It is never to late to heal, to grow beyond limitation or to take your power back. Everything that touches your life brings you the opportunity to choose what you want to contribute to this world and your personal life. I am choosing to exercise my free will and all the relationships in my life to creating a Love-fest that is all about manifesting Heaven on Earth to the highest degree that is humanly and Divinely possible. I would like to invite you to join me in recognizing only ONE power… and that is the power of LOVE!”

Janet Napalitano begs to differ with Matt Drudge on his ideas of privacy. She’s not really playing out “1984” on us all is she? Methinks she protests too much…kind of…sort of…

If you ever have to take you kids to the hospital, get them out as fast as you can! A new study reveals that the longer they are there, the more drugs they will be on. Not just a little, either. A lot! How many? What would you say if I told you 35 different drugs?

An “adult” movie actor tested positive for HIV last week, then tested negative this week. Which is it? How about those tests? We’ll explain. and

Why are we on the precipice of an economic and cultural collapse? Mike Adams spells it out clearly in a piece about the counterfeit culture!

Have you seen the new Ron Paul ad? He goes after that phony TX Gov. Perry. Things are getting very interesting… Debate later tonight from the Reagan library – will there be fireworks?

Maybe its time for some Food Security? Be Prepared, Not Scared!

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In case you missed my broadcast from Sunday (9/4/11) on GCN from this past Sunday, you can still listen to it here: Guests included nutritional expert Bill Stanton as we discussed massive vaccine cover-ups, healing politics, separation of medicine and state and more! Also, RSB gets really ticked off in the first hour about the wussification of Americans as they subjugate themselves to a corrupt federal bureaucracy. Consider yourself forewarned…

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