Breaking News! New Animal Pandemic Flu Warning, DARPA the Seal, Anti-Viral Psychiatrists, Overcoming Oncology Chemo/Radiation, Anna Whang Heals, Liam Scheff Talks Chakras & Casual Sex, Cuddling for Hire, Juvenile Arthritis Official Stories and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show August 1, 2012

There’s a new flu on the horizon and you’ll never guess where the medical authorities are claiming that it will originate! And what drug they are attempting to set up as treatment for this new flu? Hint: Will psychiatrists become the new pandemic first responders? What if you were nearly destroyed by chemo and radiation? Would you know what to do to recover from such a medical assault? Anna Whang shares her incredible story of recovery. Juvenile Arthritis Month has just passed, so now it’s time that RSB tells you what it really is and what to do about it! Cuddling for hire? RSB learned of this yesterday, so it mut be time for an in depth follow-up! Also, Conspiracy Realist and author of Official Story, Liam Scheff returns, this time to discuss the un-discussable – yes – S-E-X!

The incredible healing story of Anna Whang: “In 1983, when I was twenty three years old, I was first diagnosed with lymphoma. I was treated with 8 cycles of chemotherapy and 1 month of intensive radiation therapy at the M.G.H. In 1993, I had a pace maker installed for a complete heart blockage. In June 2007, I was diagnosed with secondary cancer. (Endometrial cancer) In May 2011, I had a heart failure and was admitted to the MGH. The doctors warned me about the side effects during and after treatments but never told me about the possibility of heart failure, secondary cancer, or chemo brain. My health has never been the same. I suffer from side effects caused by high dosages of chemotherapy. My mistake of being ignorant about conventional treatments has taught me a life time lesson of having to live with chemotherapy side effects.” We’ll discuss with Anna how she has recovered from the allopathic medical treatment of her cancer. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ― Hippocrates

Liam Scheff returns just as RSB pursues the notion of cuddling for dollars! Would you pay to cuddle? It’s a new trend and RSB tracks down a pay-for-spooning service. Then Liam brings in a discussion of chakras and energy

Sex & Chakras

centers – what is cuddling? How does touch impact our energy centers? It’s essential – but how does it work? Then, ZEX! RSB and Liam talk about … is there such a thing as “casual” sex? What is it all about, Alfie? RSB and Liam get to the bottom of the chakra energy exchange often referred to as sex. Can you handle it? Sex, chakras, intimacy and cuddling – today on the Robert Scott Bell Show! Newest Liam – in Three!

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