Bruce Fein’s Ron Paul Maine Caucus Updates, Kurt Wallace CPAC Deflated, Sinus Congestion Gone, Chris Barr, Stuart Tomc Omega-3 Heart Health, Drug Shortages, GMO Mosquitoes and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show (GCN) broadcast February 12, 2012, 1PM-3PM EST

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RSB and Stuart Tomc

Hour 1


Psychiatric Disorder Expansion, Chris Barr, Sinus Congestion, Stuart Tomc, Essential Fats and More!

How many drug deficiency disorders does the psychiatric profession really need?

Obama urges the FDA to ease drug shortages! What drug shortage? “Obama signed an executive order in the Oval Office on Monday instructing the FDA to take action in three areas: broadening its reporting of potential drug shortages; accelerating reviews of applications to change production of drugs facing potential shortages; and giving the Justice Department more information about possible instances of collusion or price gouging.”

Chemo for pregnant women? Say it isn’t so!

From Pamela: Robert, I started listening to your show a few weeks ago. Love it! I’d like to get some advice. I can tell my body is really out of whack.

I had my gallbladder removed about a year ago and ever since I’ve all sorts of problems. My hormones have gone crazy; everything is irregular. I have a lot of trouble digesting certain foods, but my doctor said I didn’t need to take anything for it. Overall, I’m taking baby steps to transfer myself onto a gluten-free diet. It was recommended to me that I would do a lot better on it. I’ve also found a couple of farms nearby in which I can start buying free-range meats and local pesticide-free, GMO-free vegetables. I’ve started taking Dr. Powers Colloidal Mineral Source.

I’ve considered taking Colloidal Silver as well to help my body. What else should I look into? I’m a bit timid to just start taking a whole bunch of stuff at once. I don’t want to put my body into shock. Any help you can offer would be much appreciated!” – RSB answers on the air!

Hour 2 – Bruce Fein with Ron Paul Updates from Maine, Kurt Wallace on the Deflated CPAC and more…

Who really won the Maine Caucuses? Ron Paul Campaign Adviser Bruce Fein joins RSB with the latest updates not reported in the old media!

Kurt Wallace interviewed by Adam Kokesh on the quiet solitude of CPAC 2012. What happened?

Obama’s one trillion dollar deficit or Ron Paul’s one trillion dollar cuts?

Are you concerned about genetically engineered mosquitoes?

The old media claims that Romney won the Maine caucuses, but Ron Paul claims he will control the delegates at the national convention!

Ron Paul on Face the Nation this morning.

Federally-sanctioned and mandated radiation!

Economic update! Greek’s inflamed by bailout demands!

See you on March 24 at the Raleigh Rally for Ron Paul!

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What’s the only kind of silver I take?

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