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Thursday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 3-5PM EDT: Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez is back to discuss more natural cures for cancer, including the 1,100 cancers affecting those who worked in and around the World Trade Center after 9/11/2001. Also, Doug Parks is with us again to discuss the miracle of stabilized redox signaling molecules! Call 1-866-939-2355 with your questions or comments!

Doug Parks returns from Spirit 2000 to share his passion for healing and shifting consciousness. His purpose here is simple. We’ll discuss the most profound advance in Natural Health in 30 years, maybe even more: The Science of Redox Signaling. Fifteen years ago very few people had heard of Antioxidants, our first line defense against inflammation. (Basically Disease) Years from now we will look back at Redox Signaling in an even more profound way. Why?

1) An Antioxidant in your body remains inactive until a Redox Signaling Molecule tells the immune system how to act, either to repair or replace a cell.

2) Up until puberty our cells produce an abundance of these molecules. The decline in these molecules can be directly correlated with what we call aging.

3) Those that supplement their Redox Signaling Molecules experience a 500% increase in the effectiveness of their Antioxidants!

This is profound understanding in Natural Health!

On Planet Earth, there is only one source of Stabilized Redox Signaling Molecules, ASEA. Completely Natural, and Native to the body, these exact same molecules are produced in your own cells, just not in adequate supply to counter the effects of stress, toxins and pathogens in our environment today. Call 1- 800-284-8045

Call 1-866-939-2355 and let your voice be heard!

Did you hear about the 1,200 cancer cases among those who lived or worked around the site of the 9/11 disaster? Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez returns with more natural cancer cures to counteract the cancer industry imperative that keeps your friends in the toxicological dark. The government claims that women can prevent 60% of all uterine cancers? Are the other 40% shielded with a Klingon cloaking device? What are the healing principles that supersede governmental authority and medical edicts about cancer and other degenerative diseases? How can we apply these natural healing principles to the world at large? Dr. Nick is always eager to integrate them in the body politic! Check out the review of Dr. Nick’s most recent book “What Went Wrong” and and

Question/Comment of the Day: Hi Robert: About two months ago you gave some suggestions for my 94 year old fathers gall stone condition. Fortunately the doctors decided that it was too risky to operate on my father’s gallbladder and soon after he passed the stone naturally. He is back at home, tending his vegetable garden and taking your remedies and doing fine. Last week my parents celebrated their 72 wedding anniversary. Thank you Robert for your advice, wonderful show and most of all for your sanity in a crazy world. ~ Ken

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