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Antibiotic resistant bacteria appeared nearly as fast as the patented drugs were unleashed on a trusting, yet unsuspecting populace in the 20th century. The crisis of super bugs has reached epic proportions thanks to the over-reliance and overuse of these pesticides intended for human and animal ingestion. Although it is patently obvious to most everyone that the use of antibiotics led to the creation of resistant microbes, the dunderheads of modern medicine continue to look for other microbes to blame. If they could pin this resistance development on a virus, you know they would. In fact, they just did. RSB will reveal the new pharmaceutical strategy to justify expanded use of chemotherapeutic bombs in your gut. Put on your egghead caps, because you will not hear this anywhere else in the mainstream (or even new) media! The power to heal is yours, as long as you don’t buy what Big Pharma is selling…

In a unanimous ruling, the United States Supreme Court ruled this week that human genes cannot be patented. The ruling invalidates the thousands of patents that have already been granted on human genes, including the patent by Myriad Genetics on the BRCA breast cancer genes that the company says no one else can research or even detect without paying it a royalty. Click here to read the complete ruling. Mike Adams returns to discuss this ruling, as well as the PRISM spy grid story. How can it be treason if the official story claims that what Ed Snowden says is not true? Cognitive dissonance on the part of establishment politicians is not new, but call what they do evil would be. Dare we call them out? We’ll cover GMOs, vaccines, artificial intelligence and more!

Dr. Frank King

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Daryl Hannah on RSB Show 6/14/13

At the Health Freedom Expo, Daryl Hannah explained how the Keystone XL pipeline will damage our environment and threaten our health by polluting our land, water and climate.  The export pipeline will transport dirty, corrosive tar sands sludge from Alberta, Canada across America to refineries in the Gulf of Mexico. It has to be heated to 150 degrees in order for it to move through the pipe and Keystone 1 has already caused 12 toxic spills in its first 12 months.  Worse still, the refined tar sands oil from Canada will not benefit America but be sold overseas. Instead of developing extreme fossil fuels, it is critical that we focus on transitioning from dirty fuels to clean energy now. We discussed this and a whole lot more at The HFE last weekend. Actress Daryl Hannah stands up for her beliefs. Recently participating in civil disobedience at the White House she protested construction of the Keystone Pipeline XL.  Known for her conscious activism, she continues her commitment to save our right to have a clean, safe, healthy environment for all.

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