“Do Michael Douglas’s Wife and Girlfriends have Carcinogenic Vaginas?” by Liam Scheff

by Liam Scheff for RobertScottBell.com (warning: direct communication of mature subject matter)

The internet is popping with reports that Michael Douglas’ love of cunning linguistics caused the throat cancer he underwent radioactive chemotherapy for in 2011. But, is it so? Did this Lothario of legend truly lick cancer from the gleaming thighs of his many mistresses? Or was something else to blame?

Michael Douglas has lived the life of a conquistador. He revels in his civilized excess – booze, cigars, women. He’s listed in the top cigar smokers of all time and pictured on the cover of Cigar Aficionado magazine. Indeed, he is a lifetime smoker and drinker.

The mainstream understands that tobacco and alcohol are toxic poisons; the burning of chemically treated tobacco products are irrefutably carcinogenic. Mike therefore has a problem that follows demonstrably from lifestyle choices – from sucking on and drinking carcinogens and cell-deregulating toxins.

But, we’re being asked to ignore reality and look at the invisible, undetectable scapegoat: the “HPV virus.”

Testing the Vagypothesis

Of course, we’re not canvassing the world to ascertain how many vaginas have been dutifully, gloriously, excitedly, bemusedly licked, slurped, sucked or twiddled by tongues, male or female. We’re not being shown the great “lesbian throat cancer plague of 2013,” or any other year. We’re not asked to be even mildly curious about how many licks it takes to get to the “HPV center” of a tootsie-pop, male or female (it is supposed to be an equal-opportunity offender, after all).

It also comes to mind that babies live inside of uteruses and pass through vaginas without succumbing to cancer, oral or otherwise, after they pop out of the happy porthole to life. (Unless, of course, you count every death at the end of life as having been caused by early exposure to a virus. This is something the mainstream might want to consider, as it would promote drug sales.)

But we’re now told (again) that HPV “causes cancer.” Many kinds of cancer, in fact. The notion that this is, in fact, “true,” is not based on carefully accumulated, cross-referenced, differentially-diagnosed data. It comes, instead, from a couple of press releases.

The reality: HPV is never tested for. The tests used to inform people of this “deadly” (near harmless) “infection” are either PCR or antibody tests. Neither are standardized or demonstrate any particular entity causing cancer or even being present. Both are subject to immensely erroneous readings. (See “HIV testing” for a long and thorough walk-through). http://reducetheburden.org/1-2/

The notion that there are different “strains of HPV,” come from tests called PCR, which test for almost nothing – fragments of dust, which are magnified in laboratory breeding experiments into artificially large numbers (of nothing). This can most clearly be understood as wishful thinking turned into a business model.

We’re told by true-believers and fearful acolytes to this ‘scientism’ that there is some weak to strong ‘correlation’ between ‘HPV’ and cancer. But we hardly test anyone in the world, so what are we talking about?

Let me offer a wager: if 100 percent of the world were ‘tested’ for whatever would make these tests ping, then 50 to 80 percent of the world (the poorer or more pharma’d persons) would generally click the test. But some minuscule portion of these people, in the hundredths to thousandths of a percentile, would have this kind of cancer. And those who died would have generally been chemo-therapied and irradiated (cut, poisoned and burnt).

HPV Testing Causes HPV

The reason that ‘HPV’ correlates with cancer is because non-specific tests for ‘junk’ DNA sequences will ping more often in persons with some liver or toxicological damage. This is who they test: the STD clinic patients, the inner city victims of poverty or toxic living.

But it’s the test itself that drives the notion. The tests are not accurate or specific, but they are used on specific populations. So, we’ll hear now that HPV should be tested for in African American males and females over 45. In inner city settings, in working class neighborhoods. In pregnant Latina girls. In all African immigrants.

But despite Mike’s ascension to the uncunning-linguist’s throne, it is a safe bet that healthy white, wealthy people won’t be tested. College boys and girls in expensive university settings will not be subject to this – at least, not yet. (But, note, there is a eugenic strain to all of this: “Breed less, we’re overpopulated,” just as there is to Angelina Jolie’s recent self-butchery, “Destroy your ability to be a mother – we’re overpopulated.”)

But now, a great many middle-aged adults with any type cancer will be tested – and there will always be some correlation, weak or strong. This will be advertised as “proof” in the Wikipedia, which uses press-releases for medical references. The CIA factbook, aka Wikipedia, thus launches this ‘meme’ into the blogosphere:

“In the United States, HPV is expected to replace tobacco as the main causative agent for oral cancer.[18]“

That “[18]” leads to a press release from the California Dental Hygienists’ Association, which contains no references for the claim. (Linked below)

The notion that HPV causes any kind of oral cancer links (in the Wikipedia entry) to CancerNetwork.com (below), which lists tobacco and alcohol as the leading cause of these cancers. It also lists “EBV,” or Epstein-Barr Virus – a previous favorite in the “virus causes cancer” sweepstakes that the petrol-pharma complex has been trying to sell to the world since Richard Nixon launched the sale in 1971.

Just today, some gullible sap wrote me demanding to know why “60 to 90 percent” of persons with cancer made “HPV” tests light up. The reality is: there is no reality there. No one was tested for anything specific. And I’ll wager that none of these people had a ‘viral’ outbreak. They had the misfortune of being ill in a toxic society that wants to brand everything as “transmissible.”

Voodoo Spirit in your Girlfriend’s Panties

We’re being asked to be afraid of a new breed of ghost or spirit, now called a ‘virus.’ But the virus is in the mind. And just as you can’t reason with a religious zealot, so you must walk away from the people with these tests that test for nothing – for nothing but fear and anxiety about sex lives.

That’s what these are about. Fear, population management and eugenic control.

There is a reality underpinning all of this, of course, and it is as follows: we are over-populated, but not as a result of cunnilingus. We have filled every corner of the world on the back of petroleum-powered agriculture. The present decline in our petrol-fortunes looms heavily in the minds of oil geologists, military commanders and open-eyed economists. It is this that we have to prepare for, not a vague sense of fear about oral sex, which, as even Michael Douglas said, might also be the cure for what ails you.

Liam Scheff

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