Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Stunning Court Rulings on Vaccine Links to Autism, Health Freedom Expo, Autism One, Savage Disses Flu Shots, Psychiatric Gun Ban & More!

The Robert Scott Bell Show January 15, 2013 Click to listen to the archive of this broadcast here.

Breaking News today as the dam suppressing awareness of the fact that vaccines cause autism is breaking! The mainstream media can no longer limit the free flow of information about the dangers and inefficacy of vaccination. Sure, the hype to vaccinate is still out there, but it relies on fear and intimidation, which only works on the most vulnerable worshippers of Big Government, Big Media and Big Pharma. If we are to protect the innocent from harm, we must stand fast on all that we know to be factual and true regarding the dangers of vaccination. We must also have the courage to speak out, even when speaking out is risky. All that evil needs to succeed is that good men (and women) remain silent in the face of medical (or any other) tyranny. Even Michael Savage has come out against flu shot, although I do not know if he has recognized the link between vaccination and autism yet.

What a way to start the New Year! Courts in the U.S. and Italy have delivered another devastating blow to the delusion that vaccines are not linked in any way to autism and other forms of neurological damage! Returning to discuss this stunning turn of events is the author of Callous Disregard and Waging War on the Autistic Child, physician Dr. Andrew Wakefield. What did the Italian court rule and why did they not contest the link to autism? We’ll discuss this evolving news story and review the findings of Dr. Wakefield and others who have identified intestinal damage and the neurological link post-vaccination. What about vaccine efficacy? Can you believe that the medical authorities know that certain vaccines do not even work; yet they continue to promote their use? Is autism on the rise because of better diagnostic capability? We’ll destroy that argument post haste. Check out the new trailer for the Autism Team reality show. Loads more videos are available at the YouTube Autism Media Channel here. We’ll also discuss the Academic Integrity Fund designed to help potential medical whistle blowers speak up without fear of reprisal. Would you like to learn more? Come see Dr. Wakefield and RSB at the Health Freedom Expo, March 1-3, 2013 in Long Beach, California and at the Autism One conference in Chicago, Illinois, May 22-26, 2013.

What else will RSB cover today? Did you hear that scientists have finally linked junk food consumption to asthma and eczema? That’s old news here, but RSB will explain why this is so and what to do about it! Yes, even the remedies that the FDA does not want you to know about will be revealed. How about colic in babies and toddlers? Could there be a gut ecology link? Probiotics for everyone! And what about those dangerous pediatricians? Should they be trained in natural medicine, too? This should be a Moment of Duh triple play!

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Question of the day:  Dear Robert, my 14 year old is getting braces put on his teeth Jan.15th. They will probably make his mouth sore. What can I give him for pain that is not toxic? Thanks, Barbara S.

More news:

Vaccine Court Awards Millions to Two Children With Autism The federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, better known as “vaccine court,” has just awarded millions of dollars to two children with autism for “pain and suffering” and lifelong care of their injuries, which together could cost tens of millions of dollars.

Italian court rules MMR vaccine did trigger autism In what may be a ground-breaking decision, the Italian Court of Rimini has ruled that causation between an MMR vaccine and the resulting autism in a young child “has been established.”

Dr. Wakefield to BMJ: retract your allegations or face the consequences Dr. Andrew Wakefield, whose controversial research into the link between the MMR vaccine and autism has been the subject of nearly a more than a decade of argument and debate, has refused to acquiesce to his critics. Early in January 2011, the British Medical Journal published a damning series of articles accusing Wakefield of fraud, saying his data was ‘fixed’.

Survey: Vaccinated children five times more prone to disease than unvaccinated children

How long does it take pediatricians to figure out that if you do vaccinate, it may be a hair safer shooting it into the muscle of a toddler’s leg rather then the arm. Of course, the best thing would be no shot at all, but most kid docs are not there yet…

Even Michael Savage knows that the flu shot is based on bad government science with pharmaceutical conflicts of interest.

We could almost have a Moment of Duh triple play today with these next three stories:

Asthma and eczema are now linked to junk food consumption! Can you imagine? RSB may have to explain why this is so…

Is your baby colicky? Scientists may have finally figured out that it has something to do with their gut ecology. Probiotics to the rescue!

Should pediatricians know more about Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)? Duh…

Breaking: New York creates a psychiatric police state” by Jon Rappoport

Refuting bad science? Children’s Psych Journal Won’t Retract Fraudulent Paxil Study

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