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According to the latest reports, dementia is beginning to hit the baby boomers hard. Why? They are the generation that transitioned from real food to processed factory food over their lifespan. They thought that better living through chemistry would have no adverse consequences. They were wrong. The younger generations have gotten hit harder, earlier, because real food has not been part of their upbringing. The boomers are now paying for nutritional/environmental ignorance in their latter years. We’ll talk selenium, glutathione and dietary sulfur and more to reverse the damage today on the Advanced Medicine Monday version of The RSB Show.

What is the “official story” of Oil? Liam Scheff is back to talk Adam Smith, the unofficial founder of the United States! Liam is writing his new book and talks about what’s so forcefully grabbed his attention – energy, coal, oil, natural gas – and the modern world. France is one of the most nuclear countries on Earth with 58 nuclear power plants. Is nuclear a green energy? What happens when oil runs low? Will we all glow green? Drill the beaches? The outer continental shelf? What happens to your stock portfolio when the ‘invisible engine’ of the marketplace falters? We’ll talk about this and more with Liam Scheff this hour. And don’t miss Liam’s new weekly+ late night adults only energy show – for a limited run only – “How to Destroy the World!” http://www.blogtalkradio.com/liamscheff  and https://www.createspace.com/3882976

On this edition of Advanced Medicine Monday, RSB and Dr. Rashid Buttardiscuss the military and medical police state. What happens when one industry has a monopoly on the use of anything, including force? What happens to the blanace of power when you are disarmed? Why does the Department of Homeland Security need 2 billion hollow point bullets? Why does the state enforce vaccination edicts? Why are doctors not honoring their oath to do no harm? What is informed consent, really? Sonce we have just survived another Independence Day weekend, we need to revisit the origins of the American republic. Where is freedom of speech? It seems to only apply if you are a drug company. Should you make any claim about a food or supplement, the full weight a force of a federal regulatory body may attempt to squash you. Got honey? We’ll explain. Did you know that only 47% of adults have a full time job? What does that portend? Speaking of the Declaration of Independence, is that an appropriate modern day remedy? What if you are an abused spouse? Are you supposed to just sit there and take it? What about the American people? Are you ready for the next Advanced Medicine

Advanced Medicine Seminar Charlotte July 19-20, 2013

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According to the National Institutes of Health (Informed Consent; Medline Plus, NIH) your doctor must disclose and discuss the following in order to comply with informed consent laws:

  • Your health problem and the reason for the treatment
  • What happens during the treatment
  • The risks of the treatment and how likely they are to occur
  • How likely the treatment is to work
  • Other options for treating your health problem
  • Unknown risks or possible side effects that may happen later
  • If treatment is needed now or can wait

Question of the Day: Silver Aloe Protocol: Robert, I’m getting close to starting the Sliver Aloe Protocol with the SOVEREIGN SILVER, but I’m looking for a really good Aloe Vera product. Mike Adams published a excellent report on the Good Cause Wellness Aloe Vera Gel Flakes. (link: http://www.naturalnews.com/022016.html) I’m might give this one a try. Do you use this product? or could you recommend another one since this report is almost 6 years old. Thank you, Bill

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