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Dr. Buttar Advanced Medicine Monday, Angelina Jolie’s prostate, Dr. Nick Gonzalez, epigenetics, curing cancer, diabetes & more 3PM – 5 PM EDT!

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Would men be stupid enough to follow the example of self-mutilation set by Angelina Jolie last week? The BRCA genetic testing public relations machine must have worked, because males are beginning to ask doctors about BRCA in relation to their prostate. A gentleman in the UK actually had his removed. If aliens came down to observe the human species and saw Jolie and this British guy, they would leave immediately and report back to their home planet that there is no intelligent life here. Except for the animals, that is. At least they do not remove body parts violently because they one day might be cancerous.

Advanced Medicine Monday begins early today! Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez is back to discuss gene expression as it relates to the unsubstantiated claim that BRCA1 and BRCA2 mean that you are going to develop breast cancer later in life. What is it about epigenetics that dunderheaded doctors still don’t get? Did you know that BRCA is actually classified as a tumor suppressor gene? Where is the acknowledgement of mineral deficiencies as it relates to cancer causation? Could cancer have anything to do with Zinc deficiency? Selenium? What about Hans Selye and the Adaptation Syndrome? The 87% claim of BRCA and cancer manifestation is bogus. Dr. Nick let’s loose on genetic cause of cancer. We’ll also discuss real heroes and you can be sure that does not include Angelina Jolie. Jolie did not even have cancer! What can Dr. Nick do for a woman with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer? She’s alive today 23 years later and we will reveal how it’s done. What else is on tap? Scandals. Why is the IRS targeting conservative political groups when the government is not allowed to profile potential terrorists?  Get ready for commentary on the important issues of today like nowhere else in the broadcast media! Check out the review of Dr. Nick’s most recent book “What Went Wrong” and and

On this edition of Advanced Medicine Monday, RSB and Dr. Rashid Buttar will discuss removing body parts that are not even cancerous. Who wants to be like Jolie? Apparently, a man in the UK followed her lead and had his prostate removed because of a positive BRCA gene test. Do you see where this is going? Dr. Buttar will share stories of cancer recovery despite previous assaults of chemo-docs (oncologists), even in cases of recurrent cancers. What happened at the latest Advanced Medicine Seminar, where Liam Scheff was presenting as well? We’ll talk about the Official Stories dispensed at the seminar and look forward to the next one in Charlotte, July 19-20, 2013. After that? The Big One in Cancun. What is selfish gratitude? How does your belief impact upon your health? How can you break the cycle of hypoglycemia and diabetes? RSB talks about food-grown GTF Chromium as well. Remember Trans-D Tropin to insure a speedy recovery and stay young. How can you get an Advanced Medicine Seminar in your city? Just get 49 of your friends together and contact to learn the details. What kind of milk should you drink if you drink milk? More information will be pouring into this new A2A2 web site. Remember to pick up the international best seller “9 Steps To Keep the Doctor Away!” (if you buy the book, you can get a DVD for an incredible discount!) Facts on Toxicity. Call Dr. Buttar’s clinic if you would like to learn more (704) 895-WELL (9355). Archives can be found at For any health care providers who wish to set up their own private association, contact and let him know of your interest. Because you are a listener to The RSB Show, your price to do so is greatly reduced!

This week is Autism One in Chicago May 22-26; and Health Freedom Expo June 7-9 in Schaumberg, Illinois. Are you ready to rock the health world with me? You may need some thyroid assistance before it’s all done! The Question of the Day relates to endocrine dysfunction, so we’ll probably start there…

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In case you missed my RSB Show Sunday broadcast (5/19/13) on GCN Hour 1 Angelina Jolie and the breast cancer that wasn’t there and more! Hour 2 Real strategies for cancer prevention and reversal with selenium, chromium, silica, oxygen, detox, water & more! You can download the archive here: Also, here is the iTunes feed for Sunday RSB Show broadcasts.

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