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Dr. Carolyn Dean jumps right into the mammary fray today with a discussion of Angelina Jolie’s abandoning common sense and her breasts on the advice of genetic reductionist doctors. I wrote yesterday: Maybe Angelina could get a lobotomy too in order to prevent her from possibly using her brain in the future. Insensitivity aside, removing body parts that are not cancerous because doctors say they might be one day down the road is evidence of some form of insanity. She has the best doctors money can buy and not one of them mentioned epigenetics? Come on.” Dr. Dean and RSB will discuss the German New Medicine theory of cancer as well as Total Biology so that no other women will subject themselves needlessly to similar allopathic butchery! Even though Brad Pitt’s wife did not, you might consider reading Biogenealogy: Decoding the Psychic Roots of Illness: Freedom from the Ancestral Origins of Disease by Patrick Obissier, When The Body Says No: the Cost of Hidden Stress by Gabor Mate, and Cancer Is Not A Disease – It’s A Survival Mechanism by Moritz, Andreas. What is the latest update on the shocking statistics on iatrogenic deaths as reported in “Death By Modern Medicine”? What is the true cause of cancer? We’ll reveal it today!

Boooobiiies! Why are people cutting boobies? Liam Scheff wants to know. Angelina Jolie, U.N. spokesmodel, has cut her chest to ribbons in order to ‘save herself’ from breast cancer. But was it necessary? Was it wise? What about the scar tissue, what about epigenetics, what about pollution and the effect of toxicity on our bodies? We’ll look at this unkindest cut without the adoring homilies of the mainstream, who are cheering on this act ‘self-mutilation for science.’ How do we truly avoid cancer? How do we detoxify a body from it? We’ll talk about the safe and effective methods available without descending into the cult of cut-poison-and-burn.

It’s time for Outside the Box Wednesday with Ty Bollinger! Was Angelina Jolie eating hallucinogenic insects under UN edict? How many more ways to prevent cancer beyond self-mutilation are there? Ladies, please hold onto your body parts! Be careful if you have an Arabian sounding last name, especially if you like to cook your goulash in a pressure cooker! Also, Dr. Howard Fisher, D.C., M.D., joins us to discuss the many benefits of the Moringa oliefera tree! Dr. Fisher has written many books, including Moringa Oleifera: Magic, Myth or Miracle. Did you know about this plant’s exemplary Omega-3 essential fatty acid profile? We’ll talk antioxidant activity, liver detoxification, protocols for graceful (and healthy) aging, and how to restore boundless energy. We might throw in a little mental clarity as well! Are you still confused about what really happened at the Boston Marathon? It is worth covering, time permitting, about another layer of the psychological operation that defies physiological realities of emergency wound care. This is especially true when dealing with any arterial breach. We’ve got the video to prove it, too. Get ready for Ty and RSB as they go way Outside the Box! Ty’s websites include www.CancerTruth.net and www.SurvivalHerbs.com. Would you like to “Work With your Doctor” – Ty’s new book with Dr. Michael Farley at is on sale! Special thanks to Moringa Magic Team for their support of Outside the Box Wednesday!

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What else is in the news?

FBI surrounds house of Saudi student after sightings of him with pressure cooker pot – only to discover he was cooking RICE

Angelina Jolie inspires women to maim themselves by celebrating medically perverted double mastectomies

Here’s a good review of the False Flag theater presentation at the Boston Marathon.

Compare the above link with a real arterial breach (do not watch if you are squeamish). This hockey player was saved by quick action – he would not have been conscious [much less alive] 6 minutes later as the wheelchair guy apparently was in Boston)…

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    Why don’t you contact Sean Quigley in England? http://www.tft-vt.com my father had prostate cancer and with Quigley’s treatment he is now cancer free: no medication, no radiation, no surgeries. Why people is so eager to cover up the good althernative practices and support the expensive, harmful, complicated allopathic ones????

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