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Lighten up, it’s Friday! How could we not? After all, rumor has it that it’s National Raspberry Cake Day. Hold the cake; save me the raspberries! What else happened this day in history? Ionizing radiation scans anyone? 3-D CT scans of the head circa 1983. I wonder how many additional cases of cancer have occurred since then. Should you have to subject yourself to such a radiational assault, please take extra selenium and EMF Detox. Send in the drones? Two have already crashed in Florida this week! Plus, they have onboard self-destruct explosives, so even if they crash they might explode again until the battery wears out 24 hours later. One town in Colorado has the ultimate method to nullify federal drones flying overhead. It’s a nifty idea and will probably allow them to rescind property taxes there. What is it? You’ll have to tune in to find out! Are you ready to rock the health world? How about the political one? Did you know that John McCain and the Gang of 8 just passed an immigration reform bill that allows you to forge two passports over three years? Oops. Apparently, they still do not read the bills they pass in Congress. Are you ready to nullify them, yet?

Ride this.

Liam blows his stack over Obama’s new HIV ‘de-facto’ mandate – but is it a mandate? Ornery Liam Scheff on board – warning, warning! Is clean energy really clean? RSB and Liam look at dysprosium, samarium and neodymium. Are we making up words? No, we’re talking ‘rare earth elements’ – those important materials that make hard drives, ipods, computers – and now wind turbines and hybrid cars. Good news! The market for alternative energy is increasing at breakneck speed. Bad news: these rare elements are hard to get, and getting rarer and rarer! And they come with a toxic burden you wouldn’t believe. Does your iPod make you free? How about your 40 minute commute? We’ll talk cars, culture and ‘the big shift’ in this segment. Where are we headed as a species? The out door, or a new definition of freedom? Where are we gonna get the oil we need? The drillers are moving into water all around the world – off the coast of Africa, Brazil, South and North America. They’re fracking everywhere we live – and soon they’ll be in your backyard. What to do, what to do? We’ll talk about it today. Also, why might your kids be riding camels instead of cars and planes?

Dr. Frank King

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