Dr. Frank King Healing Revolution, Mold Allergies, Candida Crush, Breast Inflammation, Summer Sweat, Bob Tuskin IntelHub Birthing Babies with Bodyguards in Hospitals, Liam Scheff’s Official Stories, Selflessness Attacked by Psychiatrists and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show July 13, 2012

The shocking truth about having your baby in a hospital will be revealed today! RSB and friends will explain why you need a bodyguard with mom and baby the entire time they are in prison, er, the hospital. You will be outraged when you hear what your fellow countrymen (and women) are subjected to by entering government approved and regulated hospitals to bring new life onto the planet. The American health care system has devolved into a gulag environment where you are treated more like a prisoner than a patient/customer. Put on your flak jacket and hide your children as we enter some dangerous pre-Obamacare-approved terrain.

Yesterday, we ran out of time covering the study claiming that selflessness among clergy leads to chronic disease. Do you believe that this is so – or is it just another attack on religious beliefs and values? Or could it be, as RSB posited yesterday, that allopathic psychiatry will not rest until every last one of us is on an SSRI drug? Let our healing ministry commence…

Dr. Frank King is back for some more Healing Revolution, just in time to counter the superstitions surrounding another Friday the 13th! Need a remedy for Fears and Phobias? We got that! It is mid summer and that means it’s mold season! Dr. King relates the many symptoms associated with mold exposure and other allergic hypersensitivities? What is the relationship to candida? Also, since we are talking about birthing babies, we’ll likely discuss remedies for labor, fertility, and breast inflammation. Are there remedies that can prevent miscarriage? Improve fertility? Yes. Call 1-800-543-3245 if you would like more information. http://kingbio.com/drking.html and Family Wellness Kit: http://www.kingbio.com/store/product.php?productid=16388 Birth Ease: http://kingbio.com/store/product.php?productid=16145 Total Mold Allergy Relief: http://kingbio.com/store/product.php?productid=16210 Healthy Mind/Body Appraisal: https://www.kingbio.com/docs/PHA_mind-and-body.pdf

Bob Tuskin of TheIntelHub.com is a new father – and has just experienced the medical mafia state that is the hospital. Bob tells Liam Scheff and RSB what he had to do and fight against in order to help his wife have their new baby. The medical assault starts with pressure, paperwork and blood tests for diseases that only adult drug addicts have – all for a baby still in utero. Bob recounts the fight, bit by bit, from HIV testing (which is non-specific test that comes up positive for PREGNANCY!) to Hep B (another disease of drug users), to questions of whether the baby was going to be getting enough FLUORIDE! Tune in as three men talk about babies! http://theintelhub.com

What are people saying about Liam Scheff’s Official Stories? You can’t put it down! http://liamscheff.com/2012/05/official-stories-review-page/ and http://www.robertscottbell.com/?p=6837

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How selfish can you be? Now medical “experts” are claiming that selflessness causes depression and other life-threatening ailments… http://news.yahoo.com/selflessness-threaten-clergy-members-health-180410480.html

Strip search by laser from 50 meters away? http://www.naturalnews.com/036452_laser_scanner_molecular.html “In a year or two, airports will be deploying small, mobile, laser-based, molecular scanners.  Developed by Genia Photonics, which in turn was funded by In-Q-Tel, the notorious CIA company that invests in cutting-edge technologies, this device measures, well, everything, including your adrenaline levels.  And it does it in real time.” http://www.robertscottbell.com/?p=6823

Vaccinations – is herd immunity science or junk science propaganda? http://sanevax.org/vaccinations-is-herd-immunity-science-or-propaganda/

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