Dr. Frank King Healing Revolution, Sleep Aid, Euphoria Technique, Dr. Oz Statin Shill and Singing Hu and More

What’s with the Dr. Oz Show? One minute he has Jeffrey Smith on to talk about the danger of GMOs and the next he is shilling for flu shots. Is there a remedy for TV Doctor Multiple Personality Disorder? We’ve got another one for you as he recently featured a medical doctor claiming to have found the Fountain of Youth and the end to Alzheimer’s! What does he propose? Could Pfizer benefit? You’ll never believe what he want you to take, but we’ve got the audio! Warn you friends who may be fans of The Dr. Oz Show. This wizard won’t fly here…

Ready for the Healing Revolution? Dr. Frank King is back with some in depth discussion of sleep. Yes, sleep. How can healing occur if you are not getting your nightly regenerative recovery? Seems to be a theme in many people’s lives. Sleep may be long enough, but not restful? Why? Or sleep may be too long and still not restful. How can this be? What re the other Forgotten Foundations of Health? What roles do sunlight and exercise play in a good night’s regenerative sleep? We’ll answer Liberty’s question (see below) in detail today because it impacts everyone! Also, time permitting; Dr. King will reveal the Euphoria Technique for the very first time on The RSB Show! Get ready to reset your limbic system, move your cerebrospinal fluid and get some serious rest! The Healing Revolution is on! Call 1-800-543-3245 if you would like more information.

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Listener Question of the Day:

“Hi Robert, This question is about me and for Dr. King. I have had such trouble with my circadian rhythms are all out of whack. It’s been about 2 years since it’s been this way, but it’s worse than last fall and winter. I was getting up between 9-10 am but now it’s 11am-noon and I’m sleeping about 9 hours. I’m missing half of the daylight and I don’t want to be depressed again. I’ve tried doing it on my own by changing my bedtime about 30 minutes earlier each night and not using the computer (we don’t have TV) an hour before bed and just reading a book during that time. I also have chickens, so I have to set me alarm to wake me up to let them out around 7 am when it’s getting light and feed them. I go back to bed and then have to get up again about an hour later for my husband to get him off to work; then I go back to bed again. What can I do to get back to a normal sleeping pattern, as I’m sure this wake/sleep cycle problem is interfering with my healing? Thanks Robert & Dr. King, ~ Liberty

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The Healing Revolution goes international in the 2nd hour! A global economic “World Bank” industry insider (and good friend of RSB) reveals personal stories regarding the danger of the medical industrial complex and the doctors who serve as the dealers for the demon-spawn of I.G. Farben. RSB’s friend, we’ll call him RC to protect his identity, plans to share some ways out of this global medical and economic mess. The story he reveals could save your parents, grandparents and ultimately, you and your children. Even still, there may be a way out for doctors so that they do not end up on the sharp end of a pitchfork. Could honesty and transparency really make a difference? Just breathe. Seriously.

As RC travels through former Communist-bloc Eastern European nations, he was surprised to find that the locals are keenly aware of what’s happening politically in the United States. You may be shocked to hear what they are saying about liberty and it has a lot to do with the Ron Paul rEVOLution! We’ll talk more conspiracy realities as we learn that the real diseases on planet earth do not come from viruses, but the seamless merging of organized corporate crime and big regulatory government. What can you do to secure your economic future and freedom? RC reveals the ultimate insider’s perspective. Who is the richest man in the world? The answer may surprise you, but it will explain a lot. Can sunlight and transparency really make the biggest difference in limiting the damage of government gone wild? RC plans to reveal a technique that helps keep him above the fray while having to interact within it. Got Hu? http://www.HearHu.org/

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