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Why don’t we just walk around naked? Don’t be offended. The government sees everything you do. It practically knows everything that you think. And they don’t need your permission. If you searched it, they know it. Obama is no different than the shrubbery before him. If they claim to represent you in Washington, D.C., they are more than likely statists who seek to use the power of a centralized bureaucracy to dominate and control you in some way. While I realize that many Americans care not for the burden and responsibility of freedom, they have not the right to trample upon my freedom to be left alone. How about yours? The FBI recently admitted that it could do nothing to prevent the bombings at the Boston Marathon. But they can come to your house if you do a Google search for pressure cookers and backpacks. The War on Terror is just an excuse to treat those who love liberty as enemies of the state. This is one reason why Obama would not invite Sen. Rand Paul to his meeting on NSA spying. Sen. Dick Durbin was invited – and he only wants to help you by passing a law that would make it much more difficult to buy, sell or use dietary supplements. Why not trust the Federal government with your health? After all, it only takes the FDA 9 years to define what a gluten free food is…

Dr. Frank King

How happy are you? Although we know that happiness begets good health, how does it effect gene expression? A new study indicates different kinds of happiness results in different kinds of gene expression. It’s time for The Healing Revolution with Dr. Frank King to tackle the subject of joy! Are you living your life’s mission or merely looking for self-gratification to fill a need? You may have the heart of a healer and not even know it! How do your dietary choices impact on your happiness? What are the 8 essentials to living a life of great joy? We’ll discuss them by engaging the power of the human spirit. Are you eating well? Getting enough water? Exercising? Sleeping? How are your relationships with people? With nature? We’ll help you move about the creation cabin more freely today! We’ll discuss a listener question about gall bladder dysfunction/removal as it relates to the bitterness that is a part of life. Here comes the Healing Revolution! Call 1-800-543-3245 if you would like more information. http://kingbio.com/drking.html and Family Wellness Kit: http://www.kingbio.com/store/product.php?productid=16388 9-1-1 Stress Control: http://kingbio.com/store/product.php?productid=16328 Gall Bladder Formula: http://www.kingbio.com/store/product.php?productid=16252 Mind/Body Appraisal: https://www.kingbio.com/docs/PHA_mind-and-body.pdf Stock up now on another super food, Carolina Bison http://carolinabison.com/ and DK Natural Meats http://dknaturalmeats.com/

Liam Scheff and Robert talk… relationships! Love! Friendship! No, seriously! We are going into the warm and fuzzy zone in this half hour. Do you get what you pray for? Is there a spirit world that we connect to? And what’s the deal with RSB’s European past!? Has Liam lost his mind! He’s talking super extra-dimensional spirituality! What’s happened to the hard-core conspiracy realist? We’ll talk about that prayer for divine intervention for the better angels in the world. This is a non-denominational talk – so everybody’s welcome. Energy! It’s what we’re made of – what we eat, run machinery and make cars go zoom with. Liam Scheff announces his new show – all about how we make the BIG energy transition – ‘the great contraction’ – work for us. Who wants to be a ‘prepper’ with 2 shotguns pointed at the door? Not RSB and Liam! Tune into Liam’s new show – announced this week: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Energy-Show-with-Liam-Scheff/608269135856672?ref=hl

Question of the Day:  I have a friend who has bad anxiety and has been very ill for five years since she took out her gallbladder. The mind is in a really dark place and it scares me to leave her alone. I wanted to know the best natural ways to help the anxiety issues and if a liver detox would be a good first start to helping her heal. The IBS and medication she is on I know has weekend her immune system and in our area I cannot find a doctor who doesn’t deal in conventional medicine.
Thanks for your time
~ Kristal

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