Dr. Rashid Buttar, Advanced Medicine, 45 Failed Medical Tests, Love, Gratitude, Natural Cancer Cures, Norma Erickson SaneVax, Google News Censorship, Vaccine Adverse Events, Republicrat Hegelian Dialectic and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show April 9, 2012

It’s time for Advanced Medicine Monday! Dr. Rashid Buttar is back, this week talking about the 45 medical tests that are deemed no longer necessary! Were they ever? Plus, which vitamins are the most important for recovery from disease? Do you know about Vitamin G and L? Is the following list of now “unnecessary” tests revealed because of economics or sound science?

  • Repeat colonoscopies within 10 years of a first test
  • Early imaging for most back pain
  • Brain scans for patients who fainted but didn’t have seizures
  • Antibiotics for mild- to-moderate sinusitis unless symptoms last for seven or more days or worsen
  • Stress cardiac imaging or advanced non-invasive imaging in the initial evaluation of patients without cardiac symptoms unless high-risk markers are present
  • PAP smears on women younger than 21 or who have had a hysterectomy for a non-cancer disease
  • Advanced imaging or bone scans in patients with early-stage breast or low-grade prostate cancer
  • Bone scan screening for osteoporosis in women younger than 65 or men younger than 70 with no risk factors
  • Routine cancer screening on dialysis patients with limited life expectancies
  • Chemotherapy for sickest cancer patients

Also, what’s the Buttar family prayer?

Love and Gratitude
Health and Wealth
Success and Prosperity
Peace and Tranquility
Happiness and Contentment
Satisfaction and Fulfillment
Integrity and Honor
Discipline and Courage
Service and Long life
Intelligence and Wisdom
Spirituality and God

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RSB’s message to anyone who still believes that there is a difference between the elite ruling political parties in America: “At the risk of inflaming both establishment Democrats and Republicans… We need our wise overlords to provide mandatory vaccines and drugs for the pharmaceutically-dependent masses. We need the government to be able to assassinate Americans both here and abroad that are deemed to be terrorists. Who needs the 4th Amendment? We need a strong centralized bureaucracy to go after dangerous Amish farmers who dare to provide raw milk and meats with no antibiotics and Monsanto growth hormones. Without our fearless Republican and Democrat leaders, we might actually bring our troops home and let the terrorists win. Yes, please keep playing in the Hegelian Dialectic sandbox so that we can be saved from the dangers of liberty!”

Google News and Freedom of Speech: not for SaneVax, Natural News and The RSB Show? Norma Erickson drops by to discuss the new way the old media is trying to keep people from discovering the truth about the medical industrial complex.

It was recently discovered that SaneVax Inc. has apparently been banned from Google News. What prompted this action? SaneVax Inc. was organized to address concerns about the safety, efficacy and need for HPV vaccines. They have made it standard practice to address these concerns only with verifiable data from the manufacturer, government sponsored sources, and peer-reviewed scientific/medical journal articles.

A prime example of the information they provide to medical consumers around the globe is below, written in response to an article recently published in The British Medical Journal (article is here – http://www.bmj.com/content/344/bmj.e1401):

  • Why was “more aggressive colposcopy triage,” allowed in the FUTURE I trials? Was this because the standard of care practices can be ignored in developing countries?
  • In the second paragraph under Efficacy endpoints and statistics, they say that a participant with CIN3 ‘may have’ been counted up to eight (8) times. This would be an extremely easy way to skew statistics.
  • They also admit there were more smokers in the placebo group, which could have skewed the stats due to the fact smokers are supposedly twice as likely to get cervical cancer as non-smokers (their statement).
  • Of the 1350 women included in this ‘study,’ 8.6% (763) had surgery and 5.3% (475) were diagnosed with “HPV-related disease” in the placebo group; while 6.6% (587) had surgery and 2.6% (229) were diagnosed with “HPV-related disease” in the vaccine group. This translates to a 2% reduced incidence of surgery (even considering the “more aggressive triage” practiced in the FUTURE I trial) and a 2.7% reduction in what they call “HPV-related disease.” However, by manipulating the data to reflect the information in “100 person years at risk” they were able to quote a 46.2% reduction…..this is highly questionable considering anyone with CIN3 ‘may’ have been counted up to 8 times.
  • Why was all of the statistical analysis done by Merck (who also funded the ‘study’), despite the fact all twelve professional scientific authors had access to all of the data?

We challenge each of you to read the BMJ article and decide for yourself: should each of the above questions not be asked and answered? Are these questions no longer allowed in a country where freedom of speech is supposedly ‘guaranteed’ to every citizen?

Article I of the Bill of Rights, Constitution of the United States, specifically states:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Why then, has SaneVax (Natural News, Alex Jones and The RSB Show) apparently been banned from Google News?

Has one of your favorite sites also been banned from Google News? It’s easy to check. Just run a Google search on any site, then run a Google News search using the same search criteria – compare the results. Decide for yourself, whether or not freedom of speech still exists, at least on Google.

Call us at 1-866-939-BELL (2355) if you have any questions!

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