Dr. Rashid Buttar, Advanced Medicine, Autism’s “Rare” Mitochondrial Dysfunction Explained, Mercury Rising, Whooping Cough Vaccine Failures, Blame Canada, Flu Shot Causes Worse Flu, Gout, Arthritis, Rehumatic Pain Cures and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show September 10, 2012

Blame Canada? Have you ever heard of people saying that if you get flu shot that you might get the flu? Or worse? Well, a new Canadian study admits that it’s not a fluke. On the heels of a new article by Jon Rappoport that CONFIRMED deaths in America to influenza per year may be as low as 18, we’ve got the vaccine worshippers on the run! Also, RSB reveals in great detail today what to do if you suffer from gout, arthritis and other rheumatic inflammation.

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Is there breaking news on the cause and cure of children diagnosed in the Autism spectrum? Dr. Rashid Buttar reveals some more Advanced Medicine on this latest news blaming faulty genes! Could this be just another attempt by the medic al industrial complex to keep you from acknowledging the dangers of mercury and vaccines? What does it really mean to claims that some children have a “rare” mitochondrial dysfunction? What if you could get your money back for drugs and vaccines that did not work? RSB and Dr. Buttar plan to discuss this new law coming out of The Netherlands that would provide triple your money back if a new drug or vaccine fails to provide results. What could this mean for the Medical Industrial Complex? Advanced Medicine Monday with Dr. Rashid Buttar plus many more answers in “The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away!” http://www.the9steps.com/ (if you buy the book, you can get a DVD for an incredible discount!) Facts on Toxicity http://www.factsontoxicity.com/free/email.html

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Listener question:

“Hey RSB! I just wanted to give you an update on my absence-of-a-gallbladder troubles that you addressed on your weekend show back in February. I’ve been doing a lot better! I think the chromium and selenium are really helping! I did try the Can-gest as you guys had suggested, but I found that as long as I eat organic and mostly raw, I don’t need it. Also, for cooking I’ve begun to use coconut oil and I’ve not had an incident since. That stuff is amazing! I do want to ask something new. I’m thinking of going into massage therapy. One thing that concerns me is how many people get hand and wrist injuries from that profession. I know that a lot of protection comes from personal technique (don’t rush, don’t overdo it, and things like that), but I was wondering if there may be some herbal or nutritional things I should keep in mind. Would silica be helpful in preventing muscle and joint weakness in this sort of situation?  Thanks in advance! I love the show and really appreciate what you guys do every day! Take care,

RSB plans to release major details of what to do – and why – in response to musculoskeletal inflammatory conditions! Get your paper and pencils ready…

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Newborn babies could get whooping cough vaccines, despite SIDS and Autism warning on shots. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-19454493 and http://therefusers.com/refusers-newsroom/uk-to-give-pertussis-vaccine-to-newborns-autism-and-sids-are-on-the-package-insert/

Monsanto’s GMO Corn linked to organ failure. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/01/12/monsantos-gmo-corn-linked_n_420365.html?utm_hp_ref=fb&src=sp&comm_ref=false

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Federal Regulations Forcing Some In Medical Marijuana Business Back To Street “As federal regulations tighten on medical marijuana growers and dispensary owners, some may find their best bet for business is to bring the product back to the streets, a reality highlighted in a new report by the Los Angeles Times.” Get the government out of the plants of Creation.

A Rare, but Potentially Treatable Form of Autism “The scientists sequenced the genomes of six children with both autism and epilepsy from three Middle Eastern families — in each case, the children’s parents were first cousins — and found that they had mutations in a gene that normally prevents the breakdown of certain amino acids. The end result is that children had low levels of these proteins — known as branched chain amino acids — which the body doesn’t make on its own and must be gotten through food.” You mean that they admit that food can heal?

Rob Schneider lobbies against AB 2109, that would mandate that parents get a doctor to sign off on vaccine exemptions for their children. http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2012/09/05/actor-rob-schneider-joins-in-protest-against-anti-vaccination-bill/

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