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Dr. Rashid Buttar Advanced Medicine, Flu Shot Neurology, Rife Energy, Breast and Pancreatic Cancer, CA HPV Mandate, Medical Cannabis and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show October 10, 2011

It’s time for Advanced Medicine Monday! Dr. Rashid Buttar is discusses the Finnish study that definitively acknowledges the neurological damage from flu vaccines. Is it enough to be aware of vaccine toxicity or shall we do something about it? What about energy medicine? Do you know about Royal Raymond Rife? Also, pink ribbons will do nothing to prevent or reverse breast cancer, but Dr. Buttar will. We’ll even talk Steve Jobs and pancreatic cancer. Do you know about thermography yet? Rather than rage against the cancer machine, listen to Advanced Medicine Monday on The RSB Show!

Remember, The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away (if you buy the book, you can get a DVD for an incredible discount!) and Facts on Toxicity

Flu shots cause neurological damage! Should this be a moment of duh?

Here are some other stories we’ll be covering on the show today:

In California, kids can get STD vaccines (Gardasil) without parental permission, but may not use tanning beds, even with parental permission. What is with California?

Just when you thought it was safe to use tanning beds – Gov. Jerry Brown say no to minors…

Cannabis crashes?

California Governor Brown could not stop his gubernatorial pen, evidently, as he signs a bill into law that would establish hospital lift teams to move heavy (or maybe even not so heavy) patients…

Go to California and you can be a victim of street crime! Gov. Brown bans open carry of even unloaded firearms.

How much time is left for the Euro? David Cameron says that they need a Euro-zooka, or a bazooka to save the Eurozone…

Federal Reserve Chairman Herman Cain does not think much of the Wall Street protestors. He wants them over at The White House. Why not over at the Fed?,0,972806.story

Boosting Low-T with synthetic injections? It’s not necessary, but they will not tell you about your natural options…

Do you want to reverse Low-T naturally? Dr. Theresa Dale can help you!

You know how the old media likes to ignore Ron Paul as much as they can? Let’s see them black this out!

Maybe its time for some Food Security? Be Prepared, Not Scared!

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In case you missed my broadcast from Sunday (10/9/11) on GCN from this past Sunday, you can still listen to it here: Guests included Christopher Barr on Selenium, breast and prostate cancer, as well as a surprise appearance by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, to discuss the Rawesome Raid revelations and much more:

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