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The Robert Scott Bell Show November 19, 2012 Click HERE to listen to today’s broadcast.

It’s Great Gobs of Gratitude week on The RSB Show! Call us as let us know for what you are grateful at 1-866-939-BELL (2355). After 1.2 million show downloads in October, what’s next? We’ve made a list! Which one? We’ll reveal it on the air. Also, if you are going to grandma’s house this week by air, leave the gravy and cranberry sauce at home. The TSA is protecting you from home-cooked liquids and gelatinous foodstuffs. Ben Franklin may have wanted the national bird to be a turkey, but he was spot on in his assessment of trading liberty for security. Those that would be willing to do so deserved neither. Among Ron Paul’s 32 questions in his farewell speech to Congress, he asks, “Why is the TSA permitted to abuse the rights of any American traveling by air?” What will you tell your children as you pass through the security theater checkpoints this week? Perhaps nullification? Shall we go over the river and through the woods?

Storms of controversy usually abound for topics like vaccines, cancer cures and HIV, but they pale in comparison to discussion of diet, particularly the dogma of some vegetarian/vegans and paleo/primal defenders. Are meat-eaters evil? Are vegetarians spiritually superior? Nope. We’re not going there. We will go into the energetics of food and the metabolic needs of the individual. He’s back for more! Round two of Paleo versus Fallon – tag-teaming Liam Scheff! Liam returns to try to better explain what seems to be lacking in the Western dietary programs. What is yin and yang? Expansion and contraction – these principles are missing in the Western analysis of food. What are fire, wood, metal, water and earth in this context? What about sour, sweet, pungent, bitter and salty? Liam attempts to break down the walls of Western dietary programming to kick off Advanced Nutritional Medicine Monday.

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Dr. Rashid Buttar and RSB review the latest Advanced Medicine Seminar in Houston, just completed. How does truth resonate? Are you part of a global awakening in liberty and health freedom? We’ll take healing to the spiritual level where it belongs – or perhaps it will take us. Contemplate, meditate, pray. It’s Advanced Medicine Monday, so remember your sense of humor and if your doctor does not have any, find another doctor! What is the only way that you can fail in your healing? Is there life after life? Dr. Buttar reveals it. Whatever your sphere of influence, becoming a living example for others is the way you can preach the good healing word without ever opening your mouth. You want some physiological healing? We’ll answer questions about lymphatic swelling and the l-phenylalanine in aspartame. All this and a whole lot more are available in the international best seller “9 Steps To Keep the Doctor Away!” http://www.the9steps.com/ (if you buy the book, you can get a DVD for an incredible discount!) Facts on Toxicity http://www.factsontoxicity.com/free/email.html. Call Dr. Buttar’s clinic if you would like to learn more (704) 895-WELL (9355). www.MedicalRewind.com/ Remember, Trans-D Tropin to insure a speedy recovery www.transd.com/1358. Are Advanced Medicine Seminars heading to a city near you? Phoenix is up next January 25-26, 2013. See you there! http://www.advancedmedicineseminars.com/ and http://www.advancedmedicineseminars.com/calendar/

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