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Thursday, January 5, 2017 from 7-9PM EST

RSB-Jonathan-Emord-300x168Are you ready for The Sacred Fire of Liberty hour? FDA dragon slayer Jonathan Emord rekindles our love of liberty in the New Year, along with Cheryl Chumley and Norm Singleton from the Campaign for Liberty.

Here are some options for discussion for the show this evening:  Will the Republicans really repeal Obamacare? Trump’s declaration to repeal ObamaCare through executive action fuels fight with Democrats. However, will they replace it with freedom or some other top-down draconian reflection of it?

wndb-Chumley-Devil-in-DC-COVERThe battleground is set for a reorganization of America’s numerous intelligence agencies as Trump shows healthy skepticism over claims that Russia hacked the election. Meanwhile, DNI Chief Clapper Takes Swipe at Trump, Assange as He Defends Russia Hack Intel. Will the truth ever really be known?

Why does Obama seem to be so anti-Israel? Bipartisan Senate resolution avoids blaming Obama in call for repeal of U.N.’s anti-Israel vote

Does Obama have a scorched-earth policy against freedom as he prepares to head out the White House door? The ‘most transparent’ president in history issues record number of ‘midnight’ regulations. Can Trump or Congress head him off at the pass?

Obama Freed 75 Percent of Gitmo Terrorists. Were they rehabilitated first, or have they been released to unleash more havoc in the future?

Campaign_for_LibertySenator Rand Paul and Representative Thomas Massie reintroduce bills to audit the Federal Reserve, which is neither Federal, nor does it have any reserves. We’ll get to Ron Paul’s Statement on the new Audit the Fed bill for 2017.

This Week in Congress: Will we REIN in the goverment? Campaign for Liberty has long supported this legislation. REINS requires Congressional approval of any “major rule,” defined as imposing costs of more than $100 million on the economy, before the regulation can be enacted into law. Incoming President Donald Trump is likely to sign the legislation if it can overcome a Democratic filibuster in the Senate.

HOUR 2 – What’s up with all that Fake News and how can you tell what’s real?

fake-newsGot clarity? Is everything in the Mainstream media fake? Is Julian Assange dead or alive? Was the recent Hannity-Assange interview a fabrication via green screen? RSB and Super Don discuss critical thinking in an era of purposeful broadcast confusion. Just because the old media exaggerates, fabricates and outright lies with more regularity than an unconstipated infant poops, does it mean that they never report something that is real and verifiable? If they never reported anything correctly, then they could never fool most of the people mist of the time. Read the latest from Jon Rappoport to learn just how many ways they deceive the consumers of mostly FAKE NEWS:

“Ten basic forms of fake news used by major media” by Jon Rappoport

* Direct lying about matters of fact.

* Leaving out vital information.

* Limited hangout. (This is an admission of a crime or a mistake, which only partially reveals the whole truth. The idea is that by admitting a fraction of what really happened and burying the biggest revelations, people will be satisfied and go away, and the story will never be covered again.)

* Shutting down the truth after publishing it—includes failing to follow up and investigate a story more deeply.

banner_cfs* Not connecting dots between important pieces of data.

* Censoring the truth, wherever it is found (or calling it “fake news”).

* Using biased “experts” to present slanted or false “facts.”

* Repeating a false story many times—this includes the echo-chamber effect, in which a number of outlets “bounce” the false story among themselves.

* Claiming a reasonable and true consensus exists, when it doesn’t, when there are many important dissenters, who are shut out from offering their analysis.

* Employing a panoply of effects (reputation of the media outlet, voice quality of the anchor, acting skills, dry mechanical language, studio lighting, overlay of electronic transmissions, etc.) to create an impression of elevated authority which is beyond challenge.


Scooby Crew- Happy New Year to all ! I have a QOTD. My Lady friend”s son is age 14 and he’s having what the MD’s are calling Gall bladder issues. Lack of appetite, cramps , spasms a few times over the past few months and he’s losing weight. GI series is clear. Needless to say, his Mom is open to RSB’s wisdom in Unlocking the Power to Heal. Keep Rockin the Health World !! Hi Super Don.
Daniel Funk


I live in the Atlanta area and had a stage 1 melanoma taken off 2 years ago. I do not have much confidence that my dermatologist (or any dermatologist) is really able to find a “bad” mole or spot. They do the best they can, however, I had mole removed that they said were new even though I knew it wasn’t. I do follow a rather strict diet from a holistic doctor (ketogenic diet). Who do you feel is a reputable specialist with melanoma?
Dr. Nick Gonzalez had a very good reputation for melanoma, but is his partner as qualified now that he is gone? Does Dr. Bell treat this?
Love your thoughts, Dennis



Hi Robert,

Im writing this letter on behalf of my husband Dan. Just to give you a short version of what happened to him, he is not in best of health. He was in a vehical accident back in 1990 and broke his back in three places. The specialist put in metal plates on both sides of his spine with six metal screws. He is in pain 24/7 and has been for 26 years now, he has some good days but mostly bad. He is now on Fentanyl patches (100 mcg) every 2 days and has been for years. He asked the specialist if its possible to remove the metal plates and put in plastic but they told him that if they try to remove the plates there is a 50/50 chance he will come out paralized and to wait till he can no longer walk before they attempt anything. It has affected his life in sooo many different ways. His appetite is gone, cant sleep, depressed, bowel issues (goes every 4-5 days without a bowel movement), and so much more. I bought some Daily detoxifying capsules 1000mg (From the Alex Jones show called D365) to try to get him regular but it does not work that much. He would like to find some other kind of remedy so that he can eventually get off the Fentynol patches and become more healthy. Do you have any suggestions or pamplets he can read? We appreciate any help you can give us.


Finally, how did a Texas prankster purportedly trick a neighbor into tossing ‘self-aware’ printer? Was it the same guy who bricked up the front entrance his neighbor’s house from yesterday?

Remember friends, the power to heal is ALWAYS yours!

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