Encore! Jonathan Emord Restores the Republic, Dr. Nick Gonzalez Takes on Dr. Andrew Weil & Critics Who Don’t Even Read or Research & More!

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ENCORE! Constitutional attorney and FDA Dragon Slayer Jonathan Emord is back for Part 2 of our discussion of political, economic and legal issues surrounding the pending collapse of the American Empire. What can we do to pick up the pieces and rise like the Phoenix out of the ashes of a government that abandoned liberty? For those who fear freedom and believe that government is the only thing that keeps corporations from running roughshod over all life, remember this: Monopoly does not exist in a free market. Monopoly is a creature of government. Can we restore the republic into a new American model based on maximizing freedom and minimizing the tax/regulatory burden that always suffocates liberty? Good news: Liberty always prevails. Why? Because even the meekest among us cannot suffer slavery for long. Who better to have on for the last broadcast of the calendar year? We’ll reveal all that the mainstream media pundits will not! Check out Jonathan’s article archives here. Learn how to Restore the Republic here. Original airdate 12/31/12.

ENCORE! With another big storm bearing down on the Northeastern U.S., we’ll revisit the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez. We’ll get an update on what’s happening in Manhattan post-storm and then discuss Hurricane Andrew Weil. The doctor who claims to be holistic has a nasty habit of attacking natural substances and healing methods about which he knows very little. Dr. Nick holds back little when talking about medical critics who can’t be bothered to research before they pontificate. Dr. Weil says colloidal silver must be avoided because it is dangerous! We take issue and will explain precisely why. Also, if you are in a position to help someone who is under the care of a doctor who you may disagree with, Dr. Nick will share some important tips about what NOT to do. Respect can uplift and heal. Also, check out the review of Dr. Nick’s new book “What Went Wrong” http://www.anh-usa.org/a-nutrition-treatment-for-pancreatic-cancer/ and http://www.dr-gonzalez.com/index.htm and http://www.naturalnews.com/037188_Nicholas_Gonzalez_pancreatic_cancer_natural_cures.html  Original airdate 11/1/12.

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1) My parents sent me this email from Dr. Andrew Weil with this link in it:
“6 Supplements to Avoid”
Herbal and trace mineral supplements can be extraordinarily valuable – in many cases, if high quality versions are taken at proper dosages, they offer therapeutic action that is safe and effective. However, herb and mineral supplements can be dangerous as well. See what Dr. Weil has to say about six supplements that should not be taken by anyone. See what supplements Dr. Weil warns against http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/TIP04586/6-Supplements-to-Avoid.html One of the “Dangerous supplements” is Colloidal silver. My parents are freaking out because they know I use this and give it to my kids. What is your take on this??? ~ Thanks, Leo

RSB responds: “You don’t really want to know what I think of Andy Weil, do you? It might contain profanity. To be kind, he’s a superficial dweeb who could not research his way out of a wet paper sack.” Dr. Nick Gonzalez and RSB have much more to say about this on the air today…

2) “What about the best vitamin brands that are organic, whole food, and not made with any synthetic ingredients? The reason I ask is because a few months back on an episode Dr. Gonzalez said that certain whole food vitamin companies make their vitamins by feeding yeast synthetic vitamins, but he was never asked about the best vitamin companies.” ~ Thanks, Cori

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British Medical Journal moves to flush out secret trial data The respected British Medical Journal (BMJ) will refuse to publish research papers on drugs unless the clinical trial data behind these studies is made available for independent scrutiny. The requirement to make anonymised patient-level data available “on reasonable request” will apply to all clinical trials of drugs and medical devices from January 2013, the BMJ said in an editorial.

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Just Freeze! EPA Says Burning Wood Is Bad, but so Is Natural Gas, Coal, Oil Why? Wood is free if you can expend the energy to chop it, but the government corporate mafia can’t bill you for it. Therefore, no more burning wood.

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