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ENCORE! They Will Lock You Down Again, Josh Yoder, US Freedom Flyers, Health Freedom, Civil rights, Vaccine mandates, Myocarditis criminal recklessness, Utah: Safe & Effective? A Documentary, Elite climate hypocrisy, Joe Bastardi, Weather Bell analytics, The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate War, Prednisone concerns, Belladonna questions and MORE!

February 21, 2023 3-5PM ET

Tuesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:


They Will Lock You Down Again The lords of lockdown barely escaped their worst possible fate, namely that the topic would become the national and international source of scandal that it should be. And let’s add the vaccine mandates here too: even if such had been morally justified, which they were not, there is absolutely no practical reason for them at all. To have imposed both of these within the course of one year – with zero evidence that they achieved anything for public health and vast amounts of unfolding evidence that they ruined life quality for countless millions – qualifies as a scandal for the ages. It was in the US but also in nearly every country in the world but a few. Might that have huge political implications? One would suppose so. And yet today it appears that truth and justice are further off than ever. The most passionate of the anti-lockdown governors – those who never locked down or opened earlier than the rest of the country – won on their record. Most of the rest joined the entire political establishment in pretending that all of this is a non-issue. Tragically, this tactic seems to have worked better than it should have. Meanwhile, a few points to consider: The US government, through the Transportation Safety Administration, has signed yet another order extending the ban on unvaccinated international visitors until January 8, 2023. This means that no person who has managed to refuse the shot is allowed to come to the US for any reason. This is 30% of the world’s population, banned even to enter the US on their own dime. Something like this would have been inconceivably illiberal three years ago, and been a source of enormous controversy and outrage. Today, the extension hardly made the news.

Special Guest Josh Yoder

Josh Yoder, an unapologetic unvaccinated Major Airline Pilot is the Co-Founder and President of US Freedom Flyers, an organization stopping illegal vaccine mandates which were imposed on airline employees.  Along with his pilot status, Josh’s background as an Army Veteran and 8 year Defense Industry Contractor working in global high threat environments has prepared him to strategically take on this mission with vigor. As seen on Tucker Carlson, Fox & Friends, other high profile media, and live events across the US, Josh has spoken out boldly on behalf of human rights and freedom. He is a passionate advocate for his constituents and has dedicated his life to pursuing justice and bringing accountability to the corrupt airline industry.

Lawsuit Alleges Glaring Federal Overreach Which Threatens Critical Supply-Chain and Transportation Industries Health Freedom Defense Fund and US Freedom Flyers filed suit (Case 8:21-cv-02738) in US District Court against Joseph Biden and the federal government challenging Biden’s desperately overreaching executive order mandating COVID-19 injections for employees of all federal contractors and subcontractors. The suit alleges, among other things, that “the President arrogated to himself general police powers over the lives of millions of people, which are contemplated by neither the Constitution nor any Act of Congress.”  “This case is the result of a tremendous amount of hard work and the tireless commitment to freedom that our members have shown,” said Josh Yoder, co-founder of US Freedom Flyers. On September 9, 2021 President Biden issued Executive Order 14042 commanding all Executive Branch employees and employees of federal contractors be vaccinated, in spite of the fact that he and his administration repeatedly denied any intention of enacting a nationwide vaccination mandate for COVID-19 since 2020. The White House Press Secretary went so far as to state in July 2021: “Can we mandate vaccines across the country? No, that’s not a role that the federal government, I think, even has the power to make.” Plaintiffs claim the Biden Administration has repeatedly overreached in seeking to use agencies of the federal government to dictate public health policy. By mandating that millions of people be administered a medical intervention, the President gave himself general police powers he does not possess, a clear violation of the law and the Constitution of the United States. Health Freedom Defense Fund president, Leslie Manookian, said “the real driving force behind Biden’s executive order is to compel more of the US population to submit to vaccination – an objective that is beyond the reach of Congress, let alone the Executive Branch. In case some in government have forgotten, we live in a constitutional republic, not a kingdom.”

Letter to Utah Attorney General: The CDC’s Delayed Myocarditis Disclosure May Constitute Criminal Recklessness Attorney Edward A. Berkovich wrote a November 5, 2022, letter to Utah Attorney General, Sean D. Reyes, about screening for prosecution of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officials for reckless endangerment of Utah residents under Utah Code § 76-5-112. Due to the CDC’s three-month delay in reporting on the statistically significant incidence of myocarditis following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination, the agency may have violated Utah’s reckless endangerment criminal code. He requested that it be considered for prosecution. Federal officials do not have absolute Supremacy Clause immunity from state law prosecution, thus making such a prosecution possible. Endangerment is a class A misdemeanor that carries 364 days in jail per conviction.

Trailer – Utah: Safe & Effective? A Documentary

Hour 2

Elite Fly 400 Private Jets to COP27, Sponsored by Largest Plastic Polluter in World, To Lecture YOU About Climate “The world is literally burning because of you,” according to the world’s elite who produce more pollution in a few hours than most people make all year. Currently in Egypt, the world’s elite are meeting at the international climate summit, COP27. Political leaders and billionaires from around the planet are gathering at the luxurious beach resort of Sharm el-Sheikh to pat themselves on the back for “fighting climate change.” In true elitist fashion, the hypocrisy at the event is palpable and on full display. The same folks who take to their podiums and constantly play the role of Chicken Little to blame humanity for the destruction of the planet are flying hundreds of private jets across the world to do so. A source with the Egyptian aviation authorities told AFP that “more than 400 private jets landed in the past few days in Egypt.” “There was a meeting ahead of COP27, and officials were expecting those jets and made some arrangements in Sharm el-Sheikh airport to welcome those planes,” the source said. The average private jet emits roughly 2 metric tons of carbon for every 60 minutes of flight. To put this into perspective, these same people flying on these jets want you to leave only a 2-metric ton carbon footprint for the entire year. Given that these folks likely spent many hours in the air to make it to the summit, they single-handedly emitted more carbon in 24 hours than many folks will emit in the next decade. And they did so — to lecture you about how you are making the world “literally burn.”

Special Guest Joe Bastardi

Joe Bastardi is an institution in the science of weather prediction and is co-chief Meteorologist at WeatherBell, which he joined at the company’s founding. Many companies across a multitude of industries, including energy, winter maintenance and retail/supply chain, are profiting from his forecasts. His exceptional skills are rooted in a comprehensive understanding of global oscillations and in-depth analysis of historical weather patterns. Mr. Bastardi’s analog approach, which finds similarities between current and historical weather patterns, allows him to make an accurate forecast, sometimes in defiance of computer model consensus. Mr. Bastardi is well known for his WeatherBell Premium blog, featuring the popular videos “The Atmospheric Avenger,” “The Raging WeatherBull” and “The Saturday Summary”.

During his 32 year tenure at Accuweather, Mr. Bastardi built a large private client services business and honed his skills at applying his knowledge of the weather to various applications. His reputation for making bold and accurate forecasts has landed him on major television programs including Fox News Live, ABC World News, The O’Reilly Factor, The Colbert Report, CBS’ The Early Show, Imus in the Morning, and several others.

Mr. Bastardi graduated from Pennsylvania State University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Meteorology.

Questions of The Day!

Hi Robert,
I heard you for the first time on the Reawaken America Tour. I have been reading your Unlock the Power to Heal book, and when I saw side effects of prednisone it made me think of my now 30 year old son, Ryan. He was born with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) as was my firstborn son. They were both put on Cortef and Florinef at birth to suppress their growth from happening too quickly. (My oldest almost died until a pediatric endocrinologist figured out what was wrong.) Several years ago, Ryan was put on prednisone, probably 10 years ago, because the Cortef was no longer working as well as it should have. He is still on it and having many intestinal issues. We did find out he had issues with gluten several years ago, and he is good about watching his diet. I had him question his endocrinologist about the prednisone because I thought you were only supposed to be on that for a short time. Could this be the problem?  Do you have any advice for us? Ryan told me he is taking 2.5 mg prednisone 2x/day (5mg total) and .1 mg fludracortisone 2x/day (.2mg total) He is about 5’7” and 170lbs.
Thank you,

First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to answer questions for us all. This is very kind and helpful of you to do this. Much appreciation.
This is a continuation from yesterday’s question. Hope that is OK?
I am trying Belladonna 6C for severe dry eye syndrome. I am very sensitive to everything so when I start something new I dilute it in water- doing 2 pellets in about 2 oz. of water.  (a homeopathic doctor who I knew years back recommended this for me). So the first day I did this I felt like my eyes got more dry and my mouth too. Does this mean it is not working, or it may be too diluted?  What is your  advice please? Maybe I have to take it for a while? I know homeopathy can be tricky.
PS. My friend and I heard you on a interview last year or so and you gave some advice about what to use for  a abscess tooth and it  worked!!
You are a genius!
Like you recommend – I will try the Cardio Miracle
Yours in Freedom

Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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