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Friday, January 6, 2017 from 7-9PM EST – getting ready to head to Iowa for the Integrative Lifestyle Symposium!

joni abbot with babyBefore RSB heads out to Iowa’s Field of Dreams, get ready for an extra-special Freshman Friday segment with Homegrown Health’s Joni Abbott! Who is messing with your hormones? Regulation does not just happen on a governmental level. The pharmaceutical construct in America demands that women be regulated by synthetic chemistry. Why?

We’ll discuss the dangers of birth control and birthing control. How can we help to remediate endocrine dysfunction without resorting to cancer-causing drug hormones? Can it be done without even resorting to bio-identical hormone therapy? Certainly. The difficulty is that the so-called experts are not schooled in nature, only pharmacy. Joni Abbott writes extensively on the topics of women needing to regain control over their bodies and natural rhythms, unencumbered by arrogant blowhards with medical degrees and prescription pads. Here is an excerpt from her latest blog entry:

For 17 years now, I have abandoned any notion that my body should be synthetically ‘regulated.’ That means, no toxic birth control for me. What I learned about my body in return has been priceless. I have learned to be intuitive about the way my body feels, when I’m ovulating, when I am not, when my cycles change to those of the women closest to me (see? not an alpha) and even learning what a crock ‘you ovulate 2 weeks after your period’ is. It’s a myth. Just like an Estimated Due Date (EDD) when you are pregnant. Historically, most cultures around the world have an estimated due month, in which, it’s weeks of ‘not knowing exactly’ when baby will get here. Babies are the ones who trigger the brain to begin labor. Natural processes should be allowed their natural process.

We should honor the body and the process, honoring the womaness of women and all the beautiful complexities, or simplicities that we make complex, which make us the life-giving creatures we are. READ MORE.

Dr Frank King BookDr. Frank King is back to kick in the New Year in fine physical shape! What are your fitness goals? Dr. King, author of The Healing Revolution, is ready to help us overcome typical fitness failures and help us turn them into successes.

What is your strategy for success? The first of the eight essentials is all about engaging the power of the human spirit! Do you have all the essentials you need to overcome injuries along the way? RSB never goes mountain Biking with King Bio Advanced First Aid at the ready! Be proactive instead of reactive and the bumps along the way will bare slow you down. If you find yourself lacking the “get up and go” needed to work that body, one of our favorite remedies is the Sporting Edge formulation. If you are attempting to build muscle mass in 2017, skip the steroids and go straight to King Bio Muscle Maximizer! You can use the will to become your positive affirmations. You can use your mind to become the “I am” with your new fitness reality. Finally, with faith, you can use belief to make all things possible!

We’ll also discuss the need to see through the lies coming from the mainstream media, especially as it relates to health and healing. It’s OK to unplug from the medical matrix. In fact, it may be the healthiest thing you do all year, for the rest of your life!

Liam & RSB

Liam Scheff, author of Official Stories, a good friend of RSB and The RSB Show, returns to discuss his health challenges, facing mortality and the very real prospect of living a different life in the era of Peak Oil. Excerpts follow:

Thoughts for the day.

There is no point in holding out hope for a species of mammal that cannot take a reasonable measure of its own deficits, habits (both good and bad), tendencies and nature.

We are a mammal. A story-telling, tool-making, energy-devouring, myth-believing, fantasy-brained humanoid monkey-ish mammal, who does not live within its means.

We have habits. One of the habits is to use as much as we can. The other is to be immensely skilled tool-makers and exploiters of any and every environment.

Official Stories Banner smOur tool-making has allowed us to dig dusty rocks out of bloodied quarries, thus smashing and refining the tiniest dust motes into handfuls, then burial chambers, then endless bank vaults – of gold, silver, copper, iron, platinum – what we call precious metals.

We bartered these metals for human labor, and used our wood fire – then coal fire – then oil fire – to build churches to gods we imagined, then skyscrapers to the god of money – and finally, a nation, then another, then another – of intersecting winding highways that carry our blood – our food – from fields a world away on the back of oil burning machines.

We burn so much of this stuff that if we were to suddenly lose just HALF of it for a few months, everyone in the western industrial world would suffer extraordinary deprivation, and many tens of millions would die. Everyone save those living the most hand-to-mouth existences, that of the subsistence feudal farming that “we” the modern world so gleefully and gratefully left behind. READ MORE.

Remember friends, the power to heal is ALWAYS yours!

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