Frieden’s CDC bye-bye, Magnesium, heart disease, diabetes, Ian Clark, space high, Advanced Medicine for cancer, polio secrets, gut rhythm & more!

January 3rd, 2017, 7-9pm EST

Tuesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

CDC-whistle-imgThe CDC Big Pharma watch is on! Which multi-national pharmaceutical company will hire Thomas Frieden away from the CDC? The headline reads: Frieden to Resign as CDC Director. But we all know that the heads of government alphabet soup agencies, if they have been nice to drug and vaccine manufacturers while serving in the bureaucratic oligarchy, get handsomely rewarded once they leave government. Remember when former CDC-head Julie Gerberding left to oversee Merck’s $% billion vaccine division? This is way more exciting that figuring out who will coach the Denver Broncos next year!

We covered this months ago when it was first released and finally someone in the mainstream (fake) media decides that civil liberties may be on shaky ground with the CDC’s new mystery illness power grab.  CDC’s New Quarantine Rule Could Violate Civil Liberties. How might this play out? We suspect that you were in the vicinity of someone with a cough 3 days ago, come right this way. Three days later: Why am I being held? We told you already, you are under suspicion of being contagious. What, we don’t know, but just in case, we have authorized ourselves to hold you indefinitely, unless you receive this Zika vaccine. It’s experimental but in theory, it works really well. Freedom dies along with the irrational belief in the germ theory of disease. Where are the CDC toxicologists? They could save us.

Ian_ClarkSpecial Guest Ian Clark returns from Activation Products to discuss recent media reports that Dietary magnesium tied to lower risk of heart disease and diabetes. There are no drug deficiencies folks. Ian is back to remind us that the body knows how to heal when you give it what it needs (in the appropriate form) and remove that which it doesn’t!

A double-dose of “I Told You So”? RSB can’t resist covering an outer space cannabis story. Cosmic radiation could dash your plans to get high in space. No, seriously. NASA acknowledges that interstellar travel is impossible due to deadly cosmic rays and they are more concerned about the fact that smoking pot in space would likely not get you high? The irony is that cannabinoids may be protective to a degree from the damaging inflammatory effects of radiation. Don’t tell NASA!

Dr. ButtarHOUR 2 – Dr. Rashid Buttar is back for some more Advanced Medicine! What happens after you are diagnosed with cancer? Does the fear factory ramp up to victimize you with chemo, radiation and surgery? There must be another way! If you ever miss an episode of Advanced Medicine, archives are neatly tucked away for your listening pleasure at Medical Rewind.

My son-in-law, Adam, was diagnosed with AML on Oct. 13, 2016. He is 32
years old. He is currently being treated at a major medical facility in
Chicago. He was in the hospital for 2 months and received two rounds of
chemo. While in the hospital for the first visit, he also suffered from
other medical complications such as serious infections and unexplained
heart issues for which he spent 5 days in ICU. Finally, his blood tests and
bone marrow test looked good, so he was sent home on December 8. Two weeks
later, after a visit with the oncologist, his blood tests reflected high
levels of the cancer cells and he had to return to the hospital on December
23. He and my daughter have been told the cancer cells are chemo resistant
and he is now on another chemo drug.
Shortly after he was diagnosed I began researching cancer online and
reading books. I watched as much of The Truth About Cancer Live Symposium
as I could and ordered the DVDs so I could watch everything. I am convinced
that the chemo and stem cell transplant route for Adam is not going to
produce favorable results.
I have been praying for guidance from someone as it is very overwhelming
for me to sort through all of this information and various protocols
without a medical background. It has been heart wrenching to see this all
unfold and feel so helpless. Your persona spoke to me in the Live
Symposium, so I am reaching out to you. You are so knowledgeable and know
many, many professionals who treat cancer. Are there clinics or doctors
that you would recommend that might be able to help Adam? We could travel
to wherever you might suggest. Again, his diagnosis is Acute Myeloid
Leukemia with wutgp53 mutations. Thank you so very, very much.



What other things might we cover this evening?

Hidden Side Effects: Medical Studies Often Leave Out Adverse Outcomes – Remember, medical drugs are the 3rd leading cause of death in America! Adverse events come with every dose, it is only a matter of how severe they are in relation to your ability to detoxify from them.

Some Facts About Polio That The CDC Wishes You Didn’t Know – Did you know that paralysis by polio virus has never been proven? Ask a toxicologist about what happens to your brain and nervous system when you r body is overwhelmed by neurotoxins? Should be a Moment of Duh except for the mass hypnosis by a fawning scientifically-illiterate mainstream media.

13-Year-Old Boy Permanently Disabled From Chicken Pox Vaccine Wins His Case in Vaccine Court 
Of course, we are told that vaccines don’t really cayuse serious, permanent disability. THat’s why they call what the mainstream media reports as Fake News.

Here’s one we did not see coming:  CDC considers lowering threshold level for lead exposure. Could it be all the bad publicity served government agencies since the disaster in Flint, Michigan. Regulatory agencies are only here to protect you, after you have been poisoned and only after being shamed by ongoing media exposure. This is why the First Amendment applies to ALL media, not just those owned by a few multinational corporations.

How your gut’s circadian rhythm affects your whole body .You mean to tell me that the microbiome has its own circadian rhythm? Next, they’ll say that it’s also the seat of your immune system…

France Lets Workers Turn Off, Tune Out and Live Life. Is this a reprieve for the slacker generation, or just a middle finger from the French to those who think working 24/7 is somehow the way life is supposed to be?

Remember friends, the power to heal is ALWAYS yours!

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