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Is the GMO rat finally out of the Monsanto bag? GMO corn results in up to 50% of males and 70% of females suffering premature death! Biotech PR firms are working overtime to do damage control. What will they do to save genetically modified abominations? Will they throw peer reviewed published literature under the proverbial bus? Will they say that rat studies do not indicate what would happen to humans? Will they abandon ship like the rats that they are for promoting this life-terminating food technology? We’ll be discussing this and more on today’s RSB Show!

RSB & Stephen Tvedten

First up, Stephen Tvedten, from “The Best Control 2,” returns to discuss safe options that do not include Monsanto’s Round-Up and other dangerous pesticides. Do you know any kids with head lice? We’ll reveal the most inexpensive and effective treatment – so simple you’ll be shocked! Would you like to get rid of rats in NYC? Donald Rumsfeld might even like this solution! Is there a pesticide link to autism? What about Deet and mosquitos? Steve’s got safe options there as well. Compression hives? Steve’s got a safe solution that involves no drugs! If it is all about inflammation, how do we reduce it and eliminate the cause at the same time? Why are natural options not more widely known? What’s the state of the world? Big questions and big answers are available in Steve’s downloadable book for FREE! And it’s not approved or sanctioned by regulatory authorities! Did I mention it is available for FREE? What are you waiting for – download it already!

Nearly two-thirds of all Americans (64%) say they are “concerned” or “very concerned” about potentially harmful chemicals and petroleum-based ingredients found in everyday personal care, household cleaning, laundry and baby care products, according to a study released today. Top concerns of petroleum-based products are “long term health effects” (75%) and “absorption through the skin” (71%). Concerns were similar across age, gender and other demographic categories.

“The level of concern voiced by the American public represents a mandate for immediate, sweeping systemic change,” said Seventh Generation CEO John Replogle. “It’s a big issue with consumers. And it’s getting bigger.”

According to Deepak Chopra, M.D., a recognized expert in the field of wellness and sustainability, the study suggests Americans are undermining their wellness through daily exposure to toxins. “The elimination of toxins awakens the capacity for renewal,” said Chopra.

It is time for people to use the safe and far more effective pest and health alternatives found in “The Best Control 2” at:

Aimee and Denny Perrin, from Aimee’s Living Magic, return to talk about liberty and the way that life synchronizes events for our benefit. Are you a freedom-leveler? Also, controversies abound regarding the “best” diet for people suffering diabetes. Is it vegetarian and raw? Vegan? Primal? A combination of all three? Would you like some organic, raw chocolate sweetened with stevia? Visit or call 207-409-0899. Plus, check out their Facebook pages: and

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Listener questions – Marsha writes: “Any suggested treatments for sebaceous prominence? Thanks. Also any homeopathic suggestions?” RSB answers: Homeopathic Graphites, Antimonium crudum, Sulfur Iodatum, King Bio Skin Irritations, MSM, Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel and more…

We’ll wrap up today’s broadcast with a visit from Liam Scheff, who is out and about in the Pac. NW. Are we getting old? What is it with today’s teenagers? Liam sees a Bible study group out of a Fellini film. It makes him wonder if this is a new fashion: “Stripping for Jesus.” Politically incorrect but cogently observant. Tune in for his tales from the road…! Official Stories: and Liam in Three:

The Genetic Roulette Movie is out and available from now until September 22 for FREE!

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The biggest lies on “safety” in history have always been carried out in the name of “science,” it seems. Big Tobacco lies? It’s “science.” Poisonous DDT lies? Science. Fluoride deceptions? Science! GMO (Frankenfood) lies? Scientific! Check out this fascinating short video that explains more:

Children born to parents who eat GM wheat (if it’s ever commercialized) may DIE before the age of five, scientists have now warned:


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