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Hour 1 Government Gone Mad and Out of Control, Old People Exercise, CDC Gastroenteritis, Pink Slime for Pre-School!

President Obama signs Executive Order allowing for control over all US resources Is this new or more of the same coming from Bush 41?

Obama’s Kill Doctrine Trust us, Attorney General Eric Holder says — we’ll only assassinate Americans after administrative “due process.” That’s not how the Constitution works, buddy. “Trust us – we’re from the government and we’re here to help you!” – Reagan’s warning of the scariest words coming from government officials…

The Department of Homeland Security plans to build a high-risk virus research center in the heart of America The department contends that, according to its risk analysis, “calculated risks have been significantly reduced by incorporating mitigation measures into the risk assessment and updating the analysis to allow for a cumulative risk calculation.” In other words, DHS says it is prepared to adopt a facility design that includes “significant changes beyond the industry standard to reduce risk.” Reducing risk isn’t, of course, the same as eliminating it.

MOMENT OF DUHActive seniors may outlive sedentary peers “Dr. Catherine Sarkisian, , director of the Los Angeles Community Academic Partnership for Research in Aging, who was not involved in the new study, told Reuters Health this does not prove exercise makes people live longer. It could be that people who were healthy enough to exercise are the ones who would have lived longer anyway.”

CDC: Deaths from gastroenteritis double “Clostridium difficile and norovirus were the most common infectious causes of gastroenteritis-associated deaths, the report said.”

Some schools planning to drop ‘pink slime’ meat The power of the new media is evident here! Are you still sending your kids to gevoernment indoctrination centers? At least send them with real food (as long as they don’t confiscate it and force your kids to eat pink slime).

Hour 2 – Antiobiotic’s End, White Rice Diabetes, Chris Barr!

Antibiotic Resistance Could Bring ‘End of Modern Medicine’ Their medicine? More funding for more powerful chemo-toxic antibiotics. Our medicine? Clear the terrain,  give it what it needs, repair it, and add bio-active silver hydrosol where needed…

White rice link seen with Type 2 diabetes, says study Food devoid of essential minerals like GTF Chromium inevitably leads to Type2 diabetes.

3 signs you are addicted to exercise 1) Not exercising ruins your day; 2) Exercising become priority number one; 3) You exercise despite your pain.

Doctors with good habits advise patients “Physicians who practice healthy habits personally are more likely than other doctors to recommend lifestyle modification to patients, U.S. researchers suggest.”

Are Silver Nanoparticles Harmful? More fear-mongering against the use of a safe trace element. Of course, when biotech researchers bind it to all sorts of nasties, they can blame the silver particles as is they are at fault. Will you see past the medical propaganda?

Colloidail silver the perfect mouthwash? Scientists find rinsing mouth with silver treats infections This could also be a Moment of Duh…

It’s finally here! Vaccines: Armed and Dangerous – All the Things They Don’t Want You to Hear! – with Jon Rappoport and RSB – Save $20 right now! I downloaded the Vaccine seminar a couple of weeks ago, and I am about 90% thru it. I will be going over it the second time with my wife very soon. Great work! I was wanting a more cogent and hard hitting approach, but as I listened and considered what you were doing, I think it is genius! So many are unaware, and have not any understanding of these things; They need time to process the vast amount of information. Not to mention what you two took so great care in doing to transition people from vaccine delusion, to vaccine truth. – John Barker

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