Guatemalan STD Guinea Pigs in Court, Obamacare Sterilizations, British Homeopathy, Gabby Douglas Egg McMuffins, Liam Scheff, HIV Test Cult Insanity, Exempt Yourself, Political Healing, Melanoma, Osteoporosis, Stroke, Breast Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Type 2 Diabetes, Gout and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show August 14, 2012

How far down has political discourse gone when certain segments of the media claim that Michelle Obama scolded Gold Medal Winner Gabby Douglas for eating an Egg McMuffin? Do we need a police state to prevent kids from eating fast foods? Has anyone even heard of parents? Where’s the discussion of free sterilization made possible for teenagers under Obamacare? Population reduction has many names and methods, including Gardasil. Rather than getting diseases in old (or young) ages, RSB does a drive by on Melanoma, Osteoporosis, Stroke, Breast Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Type 2 Diabetes and Gout. We’ll talk Great Britain and homeopathy as well!

RSB and Liam Scheff are fed up! Fed up with hidden, toxic, mandatory BS! How can you be forced to do something – like take an HIV test – without being told? That’s what Massachusetts and other states are up to – if you don’t KNOW that you have to “opt out,” they’ll tag you with a fraudulent, but enforced, medical death-sentence. What about Paul Ryan? Why are liberty-seeking voters turning to another Obama-Bush “light?” Are they afraid that if they don’t get on a bandwagon they’ll be left behind?

RSB and Liam then plan to talk about the need for “islands of sanity” in the insane community of America today, ruled, as it is, by a hidden corporate juggernaut that cares not a wit for individuals or their rights.

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