Health Freedom Expo, Cancer Tumor Documenting Suppressed Cures, Healing Osteoarthritis, Hydrating Diabetes, SOPA/PIPA, Aime McCrory, Groundless HIV Speech Delay, Restoring the Republic, Ron Paul Freedom and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show January 18, 2011

“Truth is treason in an empire of lies.”- Dr. Ron Paul, Congressman, Presidential Candidate and Medical Doctor.

SOPA and PIPA must be defeated. Natural News and other web sites are blacked out today as a warning of things to come if we do not pull the power of censorship away from the U.S. government!

Freedom starts in the mind and manifests in the body. Today, Robert Scott Bell discuses freedom and health with publicist/promoter, Aime McCrory, of The Business Muse who works with many of our health and wellness advocates including Jonathan W. Emord, The Health Freedom Expos, Vaishali and Dr. Cochran.

Aime and I discuss Jonathan W. Emord’s upcoming book “Restoring the Republic” with a forward by Dr. Ron Paul and a powerful testimonial by yours truly! In this groundbreaking book, Emord says, “America’s republic has disappeared.  The government that replaced it is a bureaucratic oligarchy that operates outside the Constitution’s bounds. “Operating from this premise, Emord factually and logically offers, a step by step plan on how we the people, can reclaim the free and prosperous nation our founding fathers intended. Jonthan Emord is the only attorney in American history who has defeated the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) eight times in federal court, seven times on First Amendment grounds.

Jonathan Emord, along with RSB, singer and cancer survivor Melissa Etheridge and a slew of everyday folks, battling cancer and an archaic medcial system, appear in the eye opening new film, “Tumor” directed by Cindy Pruitt and Valerie McCaffrey. Aime, who was invited to the Hollywood screening, shares how this film reveals why alternative cures for cancer have been concealed for many decades and how the “bureaucratic regulatory system has maintained chemotherapy and radiation as the only choice of treatment since the 1930’s.” The blend of heartbreaking and inspiring testimonials from the horrors of chemo and radiation, to those who have secretly cured their cancer with alternative means, through whole foods, The Gerson Method, Homeopathy and many of the suggestions shared at , call to action the public awareness and to legalize alternative cures.

And on the topic of Health Freedom, join RSB and many of the guests that have appeared on The Robert Scott Bell Show, at The Health Freedom Expo(s) being held in Long Beach (LA) March 2-4th 2012 at The Long Beach Convention Center Exhibit Hall B 300 E. Ocean Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90802 and in Chicago on June 15th-17th, 2012. This non-profit event is funded by the HealthKeepers Alliance whose mission is to bring the finest natural health information, products and treatments to the public and to change government laws so that supplements, herbs and organic foods become a viable choice in creating and maintaining health and disease prevention, and in certain circumstances, cures.

The Health Freedom Expo is different from all other natural health events because through it’s the parent company, the HealthKeepers Alliance, they work to defeat restricting legislation that limits positive health freedom choices and awareness. They do this at both the state and national levels of government. No other health event in the country supports legislative initiatives and educates the public about the outcomes to this degree. Aime also offers local health related businesses or bloggers stacks of free Friday tickets, which can also be used as a $5 Saturday or Sunday ticket. If you would like to receive a stack of tickets in the post, please email her at . Direct link:


Also, RSB, Liam Scheff and Super Don discuss talking head Glenn Beck’s surreptitious attack on Ron Paul yesterday. Just how did he do it without doing it? We’ll also reveal some more bogus HIV pronouncements from the medical establishment and relate how we can function while wearing headphones and not get hit by cars…

Here are some other stories we’ll be covering on the show today:

“TUMOR- It’s in the System”

Health Freedom Alert for Pennsylvania – H.B. 1717 attempts to criminalize all persons practicing natural health unless they have a medical naturopathic doctor license!

Health Freedom Alert for NY State S.B. 3556 and A.B. 5666 would jeopardize your right to speak freely about what you know about nutrients and nutrition without a dietitian license and would limit your access to nutrition!

How do you reverse osteoarthritis? Medical News Today tries to dissuade you from using herbs and other natural foods. Of course, they never mention cherries, much less homeopathic Rhus tox., Ruta, Colchicum and Benzoic acidum.

Did you know that the simple act of rehydrating the body might be enough to reverse some diabetes? RSB also recommends food grown GTF Chromium, 100mcg 3 times a day and

Yesterday, RSB took a call (1-866-939-BELL [2355]) from Pat in Riverside, California who asked about detoxing from pesticides. Time was short and he forgot to mention the importance of far infra-red healing light saunas.

Children exposed to HIV talk later than those not exposed! The headline is misleading at best and contradicted totally in the article itself.

Caution! Wearing headphones while walking can be deadly! Headphones? Really?

How does Ron Paul help you to be a better parent?

Why Ron Paul?

10 Years Later! Are we ready to listen to Ron Paul yet?

Three additional SC senatorial endorsements of Ron Paul and nary a whisper of it on mainstream news shows. They’re back to ignoring Ron Paul. We got news for them.

In case you missed yesterday’s show opening about Jesus and Ron Paul being booed at the SC debate: and

What percentage income tax is just right? Watch as all the Republican candidates except Ron Paul acquiesce to government ownership of you and the fruits of your labor…

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