Jason Rink, Freedom’s Nullification Movie, Election Coverage, Liam Scheff, HAARP, Weather Modification, Electro-Magnetic Universe & More!

The Robert Scott Bell Show November 6, 2012

Is the world going to end tomorrow if your candidate is not elected?

Jason Rink, from the Foundation for a Free Society, is back with some election-day coverage like nowhere else in media! Ready for some political healing beyond the Hegelian Dialectic? We got it! Is the government big enough yet? We’ll talk Tenth Amendment, Nullification and going beyond the limitations of liberals and conservatives. Do you know what a classical liberal really is? What about medical marijuana, Obama-care and the NDAA? Can we live by the non-aggression principle? Is debt tantamount to slavery? Are your kids born into over $200,000 worth of debt, beyond what you personally think that you owe? Where is discussion of the Federal Reserve since Ron Paul ended his bid for the presidency? Are you an individual who wants freedom, or do you want to dominate others who wish to be free? What kind of candidate did you vote for today, or not? Jason Rink is the Executive Director of the Foundation for a Free Society. He is the producer and director of Nullification: The Rightful Remedy, and the author of “Ron Paul: Father of the Tea Party” the biography of Congressman Ron Paul. He has appeared as a guest on FOX Business Channel’s “America’s Nightly Scoreboard” , the FOX News program “On The Record with Greta Van Susteren,” and “Freedom Watch” with Judge Andrew Napolitano. http://f4fs.org/ and http://f4fs.org/jason-rink-speaks-on-nullification-at-nullify-now-los-angeles/

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And now for a musical interlude to distract us from another election between Goldman Sachs One and Two, Liam Scheff returns to play a HAARP. What’s an election without a discussion of myths? The Conspiracy Realist is on this hour to name and dispell our proclivity to make MYTHS out of our modern world. Liam Scheff and RSB talk about the mysterious and controversial High Altitude Auroral Research Project. What does it do? Is it making earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes? Is it Global Warming under a technological name? Or are we giving it powers we used to give to Thor, Zues and the other sky gods of history? What is weather? Before saying that HAARP can move a hurricane, don’t we have to know what a hurricane really is? We’ll take it apart this hour. Ready or not, we’re kicking the mythosphere. No, we’re not in favor of HAARP! We’re just asking for details, and looking at the human habit of making GODS out of natural events.

Special messages for Super Don:

1) Don, thank you so much for all you have done, all you do, and continue to do for Robert and the great message of real health that he brings better than anybody else on radio. – Not-A-Doc, Chris Barr

2) Dear Super Don: You, Robert, Liam and the rest of the team Rock The Casbah, errr, I mean Health World like one other in media. ~We can’t thank you enough for putting out the hard hitting info that you do, in such a light hearted, feel good way.  Well, gotta go, I’ve got some sponsors to thank. Your Shipmate, Corey

3) Keep Rocking the Health World, Super Don! You’re doing an amazing job. Love the combination of you, Robert and the rest of the team. ~ Jason Dean

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