Jeffrey Smith, no-GMO March to the Sea, Jon Rappoport, Executive Branch Assassination Tango, Gold Backing, Nutrition Lacking and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show (GCN) broadcast October 2, 2011, 1 PM to 3 PM EDT

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Hour 1Your Right to Know and Assassination Tango

When the president can kill whoever he wants, what have we become? He becomes the king as we become the subjects who can be taken out on a whim. No longer can we criticize rogue nations that execute their citizens without trial… How sad.

“When the president can kill whoever he wants, he’s not the president anymore, he’s the king.” — Judge Andrew Napolitano, Freedom Watch

Ron Paul chides Obama on al-Qaida Hit

Jon Rappoport, from “No More Fake News” drops in to discuss the “legalization” of U.S. executive branch assassinations.

Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey Smith returns with updates on the growing movement to label genetically-modified “food” and report on the rising tide of opposition against the Monsantos of the world. Would you be shocked to learn that 80% of the packaged foods in America contain Genetically Engineered ingredients that have not been proven safe, and are not labeled! Most Americans agree we have a right to know what’s in our food, and a right to choose safe, healthy food for our families and ourselves. Jeffrey reports LIVE from the streets of Manhattan with an exclusive update! and

Drug Shortages Even Worse This Year: FDA Prescription drug shortages in the United States, which reached a record high last year, are getting worse, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Friday.

Daily aspirin tied to risk of vision loss Seniors who take aspirin daily are twice as likely to have late stage macular degeneration, an age-related loss of vision, than people who never take the pain reliever, a new European study reports.

Hidden camera water fluoridation video released by InfoWars The InfoWars team has released stunning secret video footage showing how the toxic chemical fluoride (actually fluorosilicic acid) is dumped into the public water supply in Austin, Texas.

Pinkeye Treatment May Be on the Horizon There are no recommended antiviral drugs for treatment of a form of viral conjunctivitis called pinkeye that is highly contagious. OR IS THERE?

Too Many Heart Patients Getting Migraine Drugs A disturbing number of people with heart problems who shouldn’t be prescribed standard migraine medications called triptans are given the drugs anyway, researchers say.

Hour 2 – Gold is backed by Nothing and Food does not need vitamins and minerals

Stephen Heuer

Stephen Heuer, from One World Whey, joins me to discuss health freedom and nutritional realities the government does not want you to know!

The most moronic TV news journalist ever? Gold is “backed by nothing” while dollars are backed by government! “When it comes to money and gold, some mainstream journalists have such low IQs that it’s a wonder they can string words together at all. Here’s the latest example of truly idiotic journalism in a precious video that’s now being called the most moronic piece of mainstream TV journalism ever aired.”

More U.S. Tax Dollars Spent on Junk Food than Fruit The Iowa Public Interest Research Group has just taken a look at how U.S. government food subsidies are being allocated. “When you break it all down, every taxpayer in the country is paying for 17 Twinkies. Of the 37 key ingredients in Twinkies, 14 of them are subsidized by the government.” If it were not for Taxpayer subsidies, Twinkies would cost 10 bucks each. How many poor people would buy them then? To all my domestic interventionist friends: Do you yet see that government is largely responsible for nutritional deficiencies and obesity among the poorest Americans?

Harvard Researchers Question USDA and Use of “MyPlate” “Back in June, the USDA got rid of the food pyramid it used to represent healthy eating habits. This has since been replaced with My Plate. The USDA said the purpose of the food plate was to help Americans simplify their diets. Walter Willet is a professor of epidemiology and nutrition at Harvard. He says the USDA may have done its job too well. The concept of a food plate is almost too simple. He feels it doesn’t provide the information Americans need to understand how to make healthy food choices.”

Fish oil pills don’t improve kids’ braininessDespite some evidence that taking fish oil pills during pregnancy can help children’s brain development, a new study suggests that the supplements make no difference in measures of intellect when the kids are six years old.”

Firm recalls beef for possible E. coli taint California-based Manning Beef is recalling 80,000 pounds of beef products over possible E. coli contamination, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said. Don’t worry, it’s USDA and FDA approved meat…  ANOTHER ONE?

California farm recalls lettuce amid listeria concerns A California farm said Thursday that it is voluntarily recalling bags of chopped romaine lettuce because of possible contamination with listeria, although no illnesses have been reported. Could this be another farm downstream from a factory farm? AND ANOTHER????

Calling the Nurse ‘Doctor,’ a Title Physicians Oppose Patti McCarver, a nurse whose doctor of nursing practice degree entitles her to call herself “doctor,” meeting with a patient.

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