Jeffrey Smith Urgent Prop 37 GMO Vote, Dr. Frank King Healing Revolution, Serious Stress Support, Liam Scheff Movie Pre-Reviews & More!

The Robert Scott Bell Show November 2, 2012

It’s CA Proposition 37 Vote Crunch Time! Monsanto and other biotechnology firms are pumping tens of millions of dollars into a propaganda campaign to convince Californians not to mandate labeling of GMOs. Jeffrey Smith returns with very specific actions you can take over the next 5 days prior to the vote! Don’t wait! Volunteer to Phone Bank over the weekend from wherever you are! Go to to learn more while you still have time! If you believe that GMOs are an abomination like RSB does, spread the word in your house of worship this weekend! and and Remember, despite what the biotech industry claims, Prop 37 will NOT increase your food costs! What will it do? It will likely prevent your children from suffering known and unknown diseases from foodstuffs that have never before existed on planet earth. Action time is now!

The truth about Prop 37:

  • Just a simple label—like in 61 other countries, indicating if our food has been genetically engineered
  • Put on the ballot by a million Californians just like you
  • Enables us to make an informed choice about what foods are right for our families
  • Supported by consumers, farmers, nurses, doctors and a broad coalition

Stay up to date – read the latest press release here or take a look at the newest blog post. Help us fund the truth by donating or by becoming a fundraising lead. fb:!/responsibletechnology?fref=ts Genetic Roulette:!/GeneticRouletteMovie

Ready for the Healing Revolution? Dr. Frank King is back with some help for those suffering the stresses of recovery post Superstorm Sandy! How can we manage stress and rebuild our adrenals for the long-haul back to full functionality? Things might get rougher if we do not stop GMOs in California with Prop 37, but in the mean time, there are very specific remedies we can apply to minimize the damage from genetically-modified foodstuffs. We may need to go Grain & Gluten free for a spell to get things back in order because of the genetic contamination, but we’ve got your detox help. Do you know anyone pregnant who also suffers from asthma? Some women are stopping their meds due to concerns over toxicity. Dr. King revels what can safely be done to mange dangerous symptoms while promoting pulmonary healing – even while pregnant! Here is what we plan to do: 1) Address the Asthma; 2) Address the Allergies; 3) Restore Adrenals in order to better handle the stress. The Healing Revolution is on! Call 1-800-543-3245 if you would like more information. and Family Wellness Kit: 9-1-1 Stress Control: Asthma Relief: Healthy Mind/Body Appraisal: Stock up now on another super food, Carolina Bison and DK Natural Meats Grain & Gluten Allergy Relief

Call us at 1-866-939-BELL (2355) with your questions or comments!

It’s time to shift gears with Liam Scheff, as we jump into the critics seat for movie madness Friday! RSB and Liam talk the new Star Wars – with Mickey Mouse in the cockpit – or the Death Star? That’s right, Disney has bought the Star Wars franchise – what does it mean for the most popular movie myth of our time?

Next up: Cloud Atlas, the new soul and time-jumping magnum opus from the Brothers/Sisters Wachowski (of “Matrix” fame). We haven’t seen it yet – but we’re going to talk about the content – souls over lifetimes. Where do we go when we die? Do we come around again, and how?

And we’ll dare to talk about winkles! That’s right – a frank discussion of human sexuality, vis-a-vis the Wachoswki siblings – directors of Cloud Atlas. Parental guidance alert!

And then – optimal diet time. The New York Times “Magazine” allows a story on curing cancer with diet into its pages! How is this possible? Because it’s about an island in Greece where people eat garden vegetables, and a ton of beans, along with goat’s milk and meat – in small portions – and live to be 100 years old. We’ll talk about diets and ancient and current cultural practices.

Living way beyond cancer…

I was not unhappy in America,” she said. “We had good friends, we went out to dinner on the weekends, I drove a Chevrolet. But I was always in a hurry. My favorite was a dish made with black-eyed peas, tomatoes, fennel tops and garlic and finished with olive oil that we dubbed Ikarian stew.”

More stories:

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GMOs are an abomination. Spread the word in your houses of worship.

IS CHOOSING TO BE A VICTIM A TABOO SUBJECT? A timely article by Jon Rappoport

Many women stop their asthma meds while pregnant. Do they have any other options? Dr. King will reveal the 3 keys today…

How to manage stress in a disaster? Here are 7 ways…

How to live a long and healthy life in spite of a cancer death sentence from doctors… Go to the Island Where People Forget to Die!

Be careful drinking the water in NYC following Superstorm Sandy!

Why didn’t they prepare on Staten Island? Don’t get caught like this…

Food, water and shelter. You can wait for it after a disaster at your own peril. Maybe the government will show up in time. Maybe.

British Medical Journal moves to flush out secret trial data The respected British Medical Journal (BMJ) will refuse to publish research papers on drugs unless the clinical trial data behind these studies is made available for independent scrutiny. The requirement to make anonymised patient-level data available “on reasonable request” will apply to all clinical trials of drugs and medical devices from January 2013, the BMJ said in an editorial.

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