John Boehner’s Knuckle-Draggers, Paul Ryan’s Principle Deficiency Disease, Olympic High Fructose Corn Syrup, Carcinogenic Baby Shampoo, Jon Rappoport, FDA Threatens Death to Employee’s Family, Hometown Healing with One World Whey Protein, Directing Your Energies for Freedom, Medicalizing Exercise, Weather Service Ammo and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show August 16, 2012

Are we all just a bunch of knuckle-dragging ape men sheeple? The Speaker of the House John Boehner thinks so. Why? We’ll explain. How about Olympic athletes endorsing super foods that are not so super? Of course, every world champion athlete needs a little high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, antibiotics and synthetic growth hormones to achieve their best! Time to dismantle that myth with a couple of hometown healing testimonials! Got undenatured whey protein? Perhaps exercise should be available by prescription only? Do you remember the old J & J commercials for No More Tears Baby Shampoo? It turns out that it is loaded with carcinogenic chemicals! Surprised? They promise to take them out, but it will take another 3 and ½ years. We’ll get to the bottom of that, too!

Just how dangerous is the FDA, really? Jon Rappoport returns to cover the story of one drug reviewer has come clean that the bloated and dangerous bureaucracy actually threatened his life and family for not rubber-stamping drugs for approval! What we have to share to day is shocking even by Fear and Death Administration standards. Could the FDA be responsible for approving drugs that they know are deadly? How about other governmental agencies? Could the Pentagon and Department of Defense do an end-around regulatory prohibitions and poison the troops? When drug companies pay that huge New Drug Application fee, they expect results – and the results appear to be automatic approval! We’ve covered for many years the revolving door between FDA and the industry it supposed to regulate; now the deep dark and deadly underbelly is exposed even more. Warning to new listeners, you may be shocked by what you hear! Also, why are government agencies like the weather service and Social Security Administration stocking up on hollow-point bullets? Are they planning for war against the people of America? Finally, how will you direct your energies once the inevitable economic collapse occurs? Will you energize a new level of freedom or another round of war-making? We ask the tough questions and even provide some answers, too.

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Why is the Social Security Administration buying up ammo for its offices?

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