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Jon Rappoport Breaking News! Criminal FDA Admits/Knows It Killed 1,000,000 Americans in a Decade, Plus Encore Stephen Rogers Adaptogens and Shentrition, Hard Won Healing Wisdom and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show May 17, 2012

Major breaking news on The RSB Show today! The FDA caught red handed! It’s official – they are a criminal organization responsible for the deaths of over one million Americans during the last decade! How do we know? Investigative reporter Jon Rappoport reveals the direct link to the admission right on the FDA’s own web site. Download it before it is removed! We’ve got it screen captured at the Robert Scott Bell Show blog in case it goes down. Copy it. Print it. Twitter it. Facebook it. Spread it around! Hand it to your congressional representative. Give it to your neighbor. Mail it to your doctor. Alert the media! Wait, we are the media and we are doing the alerting! Could this be the thing that finally brings the pharmaceutical industrial complex down to size? Who will arrest the FDA? Where is the Department of Justice?

Jon and RSB will discuss the fact that 33 9/11’s happen every year under the guise of a multibillion-dollar regulatory agency’s claim of only approving drugs that are effective and safe. What if they are neither? We’ll prepare you for the likely official response to being caught responsible for 1 million American deaths every decade. We’ll talk about how you can best bring your friends, family and neighbors up to speed while out-creating their cognitive dissonance on such a massive cover-up!

Remember the 1 million dead? Just for your additional consideration, that does not include vaccine-induced injury and deaths! The holocaust never ended – it came to American and was facilitated by the FDA… Read “Hidden in Plain View: FDA Murder”

RSB is off to do some turtle rescue, so the second hour is an encore broadcast: There are unsung heroes out there doing a great job of sharing the message. One of them I met

Stephen D. Rogers

recently at the Health Freedom Expo in Long Beach, California. Stephen D. Rogers has an incredible story to tell, hard won healing knowledge, sometimes only won by experiencing incredible self-inflicted hardships. The old saying that “whatever does not kill you can make you stronger (and wiser)” definitely applies to Stephen. Will talk healing on many levels as he reveals Shen Life’s aim to fully integrate our spiritual nature with the mental, emotional, physical, and external dimensions of life. It does so through a unique educational framework that covers all areas of our experience. Healing is but one of the benefits from engaging in this system; most important, is the awareness gained that we have much more control over the mind-body and the direction of our lives than we ever thought possible. Where attention goes, energy flows. We’ll talk about the distinction between natural and holistic medicine, consciousness in healing, and reintegration for complete recovery, creativity, imagination and living life to the fullest!

Stephen developed ShenTrition, a unique herbal-superfood formula with 39 ingredients that are a combination of whole foods, greens, seaweeds, adaptogenic herbs, and energy tonics. It’s primary focus is to enhance the life force or bio-energy of the body-mind system. Life force is the key to integrating our spiritual nature with the body. It helped RSB get through his incredible pace and responsibilities at the Health Freedom Expo! and and or you can call 1-866-497-7436 for more information. Did you know that your body is a reality-generating organ? How cool is that! For any listeners who want to shop for ShenTrition, use coupon code “RSB” for a 10% savings!

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