Jon Rappoport, Liam Scheff, Busting Up the Official James Holmes Lone Gunman Aurora Colorado Batman Theater Shooting Story, Leaving the International HIV Death Cult, 9/11 Truth in Reporting, Pink Slime Salmonella Burger Recall, Seven Nasty Food Additives You Don’t Know About Yet and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show July 24, 2012

Ammonia Burgers plot return?

Step away from the grill! Another beef recall by Cargill is in force! Could it be pink slime or salmonella? Or could it be that Cargill will claim that only if they were allowed to treat their meat with ammonia, all would be right with your burgers? If you thought what was in ground beef was bad, wait until you hear about the 7 grossest things in your food of which you are likely not yet aware!

RSB and Jon conspiring...

Is it a dream team? You decide, as Jon Rappoport and Liam Scheff join The RSB Show today to discuss the Aurora Batman Shooting and more with perspectives you are not likely to hear anywhere else. First up, ground-breaking investigator Jon Rappoport helps us to see way beyond mainstream news coverage the Batman murders. Liam Scheff then pops in to talk about cover-ups, psychiatric drugs and government operations

RSB & Liam conspiring...

as well. Are we too quick to bust up the official stories? Is James Holmes just a patsy? Eyewitnesses are talking about active accomplices/conspirators in the theater. Officials are already sealing court documents as they lose control of the “lone gunman tome.” We’ll help them to lose even more of it.

In hour two we’ll switch gears and drop into the official story of medicine – is the mainstream satirizing the AIDS industry? What does it mean when mainstream entertainers are, even unconsciously, on to the big lies?

Also, Liam in Three time travels back to 9/11/2001 to explore the collapse of Building 7 if the media were reporting the events in real-time honestly:

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Jon Rappoport continues to ask the questions and pose the possibilities that no one in the mainstream media will touch: 3) “NO COMMENT AT THIS TIME: ONGOING INVESTIGATION” and 2) “DID JAMES HOLMES HAVE A DOCTOR?” and 1) “ANOTHER ANGLE ON THE BATMAN SHOOTING”

Did James Holmes act alone? Witnesses are mucking up the “official story.”

School shooters on drugs? Plenty.

Beef: It’s what’s for recall at Cargill. Pink slime or salmonella?

There’s some pretty nasty stuff in a lot of the food supply. Here are seven that you might not want to know about:

  1. Shellac In Your Candy – bug juice is shiny!
  2. Prozac In Your Poultry – and a whole lot more!
  3. Sheep Oil In Your Gum – the lanolin is chewy!
  4. Wood Pulp In Your Cereal – gives dropping logs new meaning…
  5. Cow Enzymes In Your Cheese – could be pig pepsin, too!
  6. Duck Feathers In Your Dough – quackbusters against bagels?
  7. Fish Bladders In Your Beer – pass the vegan pint!

International AIDS Conference returns to U.S. where more people are escaping the grasp of the HIV death cult…

Yet still, HIV religionists want to put everyone on toxic pharmaceuticals in response to a non-specific cross reactive antibody test with no standards…

You might as well be walking on the sun? Fire walkers at Tony Robbins seminar get burned. Don’t they know about the Leidenfrost Effect?

Genetically-engineered food-borne vaccines? Leave the planet now.

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