Joni Cox, Liam Scheff Gone Wild, Food Energy, Yin/Yang, Weight Loss Contraction Expansion, Video Game Secrets Exposed & More!

The Robert Scott Bell Show November 29, 2012

Did you miss today’s broadcast? Click HERE to listen now. Special thanks to my friends Joni and Liam for carrying on the irreverent broadcast tradition today as I do a bit of family and school-related revelry. What’s in the news? Will the United Nations send peacekeeping forces to Colorado and Washington? Is the cancer industry coming for your breasts? Is cutting away parts of your intestines really the best modern medicine can do for diabetes? If the U.S. corporate government taxes you more and promises to cut spending later, will the planet Niburu suddenly appear visible in the skies above Uruguay? Ponder those things until I get back on Friday. Until then…

Joni Cox and Liam Scheff are filling in, co-hosting and coasting through The Robert Scott Bell show today! We’re talking diet, jokes, headaches, video games and holidays!

Joni and Liam open up discussion about Joni’s experience on the WAP diet for three years, the pros and cons she experienced and where she is at with diet now. Liam will weigh in with his favorite topic: The eastern “energy” approach to diet – Yin and Yang. Is what you’re eating ‘contractive’ or ‘expansive’ – and how to find a balance.

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Video games exposed! Joni turns into the exorcist about video games and Liam responds. Are video games useful, creative, or an addictive, destructive, waste-of-time and money? Can you be addicted to video games, and if so, how can you get free of them? Liam will tell his personal story of breaking their spell. What are the effects of video games on the brain?

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More stories:

Cops support end to cannabis prohibition. Obama are you listening?

Will the UN send multinational peacekeeping forces to Colorado and Washington because they have decriminalized a plant? The criminals are in the UN.

Please just let us tax you more and we promise to cut spending later. Suckers.

A drone war that takes out old ladies in the name of “fighting terrorism” — a “regime change” campaign that plays with the fate of millions — a President supposedly committed to “transparency” who has topped the unprecedented secrecy and authoritarianism of his predecessor — a foreign policy that subsidizes and blindly supports a racist apartheid-style ally who brazenly spies on us, periodically invades its neighbors, and then demands more subsidies — and a brain-dead “left” that cheers it all as “progressive.” This is America in the year 2012, Anno Domini. Sickening, isn’t it? A more pertinent question, however, is how did we come to this pass? In as few words as possible: the Obama cult.


The Establishment Hates Nullification, but why?

“USA Today survey question: “Does the Second Amendment give individuals the right to bear arms?”
RSB: This is a trick question, because none of the Bill of Rights grants anything to an individual. It was written and ratified in order to protect rights that are already yours by virtue of your breath.
Further, the government has no power to grant you any rights. Your rights come from the Creator, not bureaucrats.”

More savage butchery from the cancer monopoly. One breast or two?

Gastric bypass helps diabetes but doesn’t cure it. Hold the scalpel and pass the GTF Chromium.

Pork this. Widespread bacterial and drug contamination of U.S. pork products.

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2 thoughts on “Joni Cox, Liam Scheff Gone Wild, Food Energy, Yin/Yang, Weight Loss Contraction Expansion, Video Game Secrets Exposed & More!

  • December 1, 2012 at 2:30 am

    First of all I Love your shows! But! As a (rare)Female PC Gamer, I honestly laughed at Joni & Liam’s criticisms about gaming. It seems they had serious negative personal experiences with it & that’s a shame, because gaming doesn’t have to be viewed as a ‘threat’ or as mindless. I recognize it isn’t for everyone, nothing is! Though gaming is widely misunderstood by non gamers. There are SO many different types of games, & gaming platforms; not just consoles like Xbox. There is PVE(Person vs Environment) & PVP (Person vs Person)Gaming. Gaming does takes skill! Hand eye coordination, strategy and timing, working with teammates to form strategies, creativity in character customization & much more.

    Gaming can also be very social. I game with people from around the world, we all meet up on a platform called ventrilo, we all talk, joke around, interact & plan strategies to win against opposing teams of real people playing together. I met many new people in real life from meeting them in game. Yes, we all do know how to socialize, because that is what PVP(Person vs Person) gaming is. Its super inaccurate to make sweeping statements that gaming is this horrible thing when it can be positive. Its way better than staring at a tv like a jellyfish thumb sucker. It is highly interactive & mentally stimulating, depending on the game.

    I got into gaming from my fiance, we are in our 20’s. When we met, I used to hang out with him and he would be on ventrilo(a program gamers use on pc to talk to each other & hear each other) with a bunch of guys laughing and gaming, I thought it was cute, ‘boys being boys’, but then I actually gave it a chance and saw how it really takes skill & can be challenging on many levels. Many of his male friends who have wives would get all bent out of shape because their husbands enjoyed gaming for a leisurely activity; this was a constant topic & I never understood why women would be threatened by a game! It is called balance. If your partner likes to play beer pong at a bar or play a pc game who cares if he is having fun and he still spends time with you or tried to include you!?

    I will never understand people who think watching tv is acceptable but gaming isn’t. They clearly haven’t played, or been really interested in playing a video game with like minded people. Just because you don’t understand or like something, don’t knock it! Again, if my partner is having fun, then I am happy for him. It is similar to women blaming adult video performers for their marriage failing, saying their spouse has an addiction’. Ok, so watching hours of TV is an addiction, reading for hours is an addiction. No, it actually isn’t always an ‘addiction’. It goes deeper than that when you are no longer fulfilling normal responsibilities. If your partner isn’t giving what you consider enough attention, then it isn’t necessarily a gaming addiction, it can also be that you just aren’t a good match, lack chemistry, or you are being a nag & aren’t willing to try and understand what they enjoy as a leisurely activity. And guess what, if it wasn’t the video game, it would still be something else because that is a symptom not the cause. I have seen that LOTS. I would rather my partner be playing a game at home, saving money on a rainy night having fun, than being out with a bunch of drunks at some club or bar.

    I understand encouraging younger children to go outside and play, I am ALL for that(& that is how I grew up. But if you are 18 years old or old enough to join the military; then you are old enough to decide if you are interested in playing video games & there is nothing wrong with that in moderation, like everything else in life. Thank you for taking the time to read my long rant! I love Liam & Joani even though we totally disagree on the subject of video games(except the part where Joni did acknowledge that making video games requires creativity).

  • November 30, 2012 at 10:13 am

    You 2 are a great pair for this type of show… please consider doing a permanent show as a duo!!

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