Kevin Miller’s Tribute to Health Freedom Champion Joeseph M. Bassett, Natural Society’s Anthony Gucciardi, Indiana Radiation Spikes & Booms, USDA’s Monsanto GMO Alfalfa Time Warp Problem, Tommy Chong’s Prostate Cancer Cure, Utah RFID Chipping Students for Federal Grants and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show June 12, 2012

Is the bizarre radiation incident in Indiana the result of a technical fluke? I speak with one of the first reporters to cover the event, author and natural health expert Anthony Gucciardi of NaturalSociety <>. Anthony covers the possible explanation and chronicles the events that took place before and after the elevated readings, including the unexplained ‘shaking booms’ that occurred just days beforehand. Afterward, we take a look into the continuous crimes of biotech giant Monsanto. We take a deeper look into the infamous leaked letters that reveal Monsanto may have actually planted genetically modified alfalfa (intended for use in organic farming) before USDA approval — letters that were originally released by Anthony.

Joseph M. Bassett, 1932-2012

Documentary filmmaker and good friend of The RSB Show, Kevin P. Miller returns to honor the life and passing of another health freedom hero/warrior, Joe Bassett. Joseph M. Bassett, the co-owner of two Bassett’s Health Food stores and a long time leader in the natural products industry, died on June 6th; he was 79 years old.  During Bassett’s first term as president of NNFA from 1993 to 1995, his leadership was critical in leading efforts to pass the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), which created a new regulatory paradigm for dietary supplements. During his second term as president, from 1997 to 1999, he continued to champion the industry’s goal of providing clear, substantiated information about the health benefits of supplements to consumers. In memoriam: The family suggests tributes to the Joseph M. Bassett Memorial Fund at Here is what Kevin Miller does so well: “I present all of the facts so that parents — and people from all walks of life can finally make an informed choice about these

Kevin P. Miller

medicines. I saw it as my duty to share what I learned with the general public — and it’s not a pretty picture for our kids.” and Thank you Kevin!

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More stories we may cover today:

What were those shaking booms in Indiana and what do they have to do with significant radiation increases there?

How did Monsanto get away with planting GMO alfalfa a full two years before USDA approval?

Tommy Chong has prostate cancer – but guess what he is using to treat it!

The Gattaca reality? Is modern medical technology being used to abort babies with genetic anomalies?

What’s going on in Utah? Why are they RFID chipping kids at schools there?

Do Ron Paul supporters need to get over the Rand Paul “tepid” endorsement of Mitt Romney?

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