Liam Scheff at the End of the World, Glenn Addison Citizen Candidate on Raw Milk, Debate Review Gardasil Rick Perry Memory Loss, Ron Paul Spending as a Tax, Asthma, Vaccines and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show November 10, 2011

Super Producer Don and RSB kick off the show today with a bit of debate recap from last night. Did you here that Gardasil Rick Perry could not remember the 3rd Department of The Federal Government that he wanted to eliminate? Maybe he relied on too much Merck aluminum…

Liam Scheff returns to talk about… The End of the World!!! (Cue dramatic music)! It’s going to be a white-line nightmare, as roving gangs battle it out for the remaining gasoline, to power their tankers across the vast…

But wait. Does it have to be? Are we going allow a dystopian future to be created in reality, out of a collective unconscious drawn out of apocalyptic movies, or are we going to forge our own identity as people, and make the future – and present – a place we WANT to live in? We’ll discuss Richard Maybury’s perspective on The War that will Kill the Dollar!

I received this from Phil Pepin recently: Glenn Addison on Raw Milk, the Next Controlled Substance

Just when you thought, “What other liberties will the feds take from us next?” along comes the big boys in federal uniforms saving us from those dangerous terrorist-minded Amish dairymen who would dare to sell us raw milk.  Of course, the feds had much to fear from the peace-loving Amish, so the raid on the dairy was planned over the course of a year and cost untold thousands of dollars.  Loaded up with weapons, worth tens of thousands of dollars, the feds descended on the poor Amish dairymen in such a fashion that would make a SEAL team proud.  Locked and loaded, guns were pointed in their faces! The poor cows were undoubtedly terrified to the point milk production declined markedly in the days following the raid.  Can you believe our federal government is capable of such stupid tactics?

Glenn and Lorie Addison

The very idea that the feds are now getting in our kitchens, pantries, and places where we keep our medical supplements is indeed worrisome.  It just reinforces the belief that we must send liberty-loving citizen legislators to Congress to replace RINO’s and neo-Cons. The heavy boot of the federal government on our necks must be removed.  That will require the repeal of vast amounts of federal legislation that has allowed unconstitutional federal departments and agencies to be created and grow out of control.  The time for action is now.  The time is now to say “no more” to those whose answers are to reform rather than repeal.  It’s likened to “reforming” a poisonous snake by taking one of its fangs out and pronouncing it “reformed”.  We must remember that the other fang can still kill us.

We’ll talk with Glenn Addison about this and more…

Here are some other stories we’ll be covering on the show today:

Jerry Doyle slams Bill O’ Reilly over his disqualifying Ron Paul from his straw poll because his supporters actually had the audacity to vote for him! This is hilarious!

Where’s my honey? If you are getting it from big box retailers, chances are that 75% of the time the honey you think is honey is not honey!

Ohio Voters Choose to Opt out of health care mandates! Long live the Tenth Amendment!

Baxter, same company that unleashed tainted avian flu vaccines, recalls 300,000 flu vaccines for serious adverse reactions

Sick Americans are more likely to be in medical debt! Really?

10 million childhood prescriptions for antibiotics written every year deemed useless! Useless? How about dangerous!

Acetaminophen linked to childhood asthma?

Ron Paul can’t win? Only if you don’t vote for him…

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Maybe its time for some Food Security? Be Prepared, Not Scared!

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