Liam Scheff, David Steele, HIV Tests on Trial, OMSJ Victory at Ft. Bragg, Jennifer Hutchinson Unlocking Jake: The Story of a Rabies Vaccine, Autism & Recovery, POM Beats FTC, Loud Music Drugs, Syngenta GMO Safety and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show May 22, 2012

As always, there are so many stories to cover and even 2 hours a day is a challenge to try and cover them all! RSB will talk more vaccine controversies coming out of Africa, where they may very well be malnourished, but they most certainly do not suffer from vaccine deficiencies. In America, the Obama Administration can’t figure out whether it is a good idea to test experimental Anthrax vaccines on children. Oi. Autism One is coming up May 23-27 in Chicago and RSB has another preview interview, this time about a child harmed by the rabies vaccine! We’ll talk local GMO activism as Super Don takes his producing to the streets of Southern Oregon. Look out Syngenta! Is Freedom of Speech making a comeback? The ANH is reporting a major victory over the FTC related to science-supported health claims for dietary supplements. It’s nice to share a bit of good news. Finally, does loud music make you drink, do drugs and have lots of sex? A new study indicates maybe – but what kind of music?

First up, RSB and Liam Scheff bring San Francisco attorney David Steele on to give inside information on OMSJ’s Fort Bragg precedent-setting HIV trial. Sergeant “TD” was threatened with 37 years in federal prison for “spreading HIV.” We’ll let you know how he walked away with no sentence – all charges dismissed. Attorney Steele was inside the military courtroom watching the entire proceedings, and tells us how HIV tests fall apart in court, especially when the HIV test “experts” are under oath. and and Liam will definitely chime in with the history of the HIV tests – which were and are on trial here. David Steele fills us in on what this case means inside of the military as well. and

Unlocking Jake: The Story of a Rabies Vaccine, Autism & Recovery is an inspiration and as source of hope and strength for families living with autism. Perhaps more important, it shows indisputably what a vaccine did to a child and begs the question, “Are today’s childhood vaccines safe?” Author and grandmother Jennifer Hutchinson joins RSB to discuss Jake’s journey back to health and social normalcy. She’ll also be at Autism One signing copies of her book, which spans five years of the lives of Jake, his mother Ann and his grandma Jennifer, who tells the story — from the agony of watching Jake disappear into the world of autism, to the joy of seeing him begin to recover, with numerous diagnoses and seemingly endless regressions along the way. Jennifer weaves valuable information into Jake’s story, including treatments such as Floortime, occupational and physical therapy, biomedical interventions, behavior therapy, Auditory Integration Training, homeopathy and developmental optometry. She also lists numerous resources for autism and related disorders. We’ll have lots to discuss… and

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If a spokesperson for a GMO biotech company told you that GMO foods are perfectly safe, would you believe him?

POM Wonderful beats back the FTC beast! The [FTC] cannot make unencumbered commercial speech dependent upon anything other than the requirement that the speech be non-misleading. Speech not approved by FDA may be true. Speech not supported by a set number and kind of human trials may also be true. The constitutional burden of proof is on FTC to prove falsity in each specific case based on the precise content of the claim.” – Jonathan Emord

The Obama Administration is wrestling with the ethics of testing anthrax vaccines on children. Would you have to wrestle with such a preposterous proposal?

Another vaccine-induced disease? Could this be more evidence that Bill Gates is right that vaccinating all the children of the world will reduce population? People are starving in Africa and vaccines are note food.

Blasting loud music will make you do drugs, drink and sex – at least according to a new study. Where is Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister when you need him?

Have you heard RSB talking about the key to all healing? What has this to do with your liver? Watch:

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What are people saying about Liam Scheff’s Official Stories? You can’t put it down!

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