Liam Scheff Guest Hosts, Wild Rabbit Holes of the Psyche, Cari-Lee Lifting the Veil and Cannabis Hemp Freedom, Getting Over It, and more

Liam Scheff, author of “Official Stories” guest hosts on The RSB Show.

Are you ready for the Robert Scott Bell show comic book? It’s a-comin! We’ll tease it this hour.

Do you say what’s really on your mind and in your soul? How well do you communicate with your partner – how well do you know yourself?

We’re going down dark and wild rabbit holes today, as Liam asks all of us to examine our psyches and souls – we’re soul-searching today, to find the places in ourselves, our memories and our pasts where we carry wounds.

How do we heal our bodies if our minds and memories contain poisons? We unearth them, we open up the channels, and we let sunlight illuminate our dark spots to allow them to heal. We’re going to be talking about serious issues, but with a mind to healing.

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Cari-Lee Miller of “Lifting the Veil” & joins us for the second hour. We’re going to talk about what we all need to get over IMMEDIATELY if we’re going to save our own Arses as the Bloated USS Government is sinking like the Titanic.

What is hemp? What is cannabis? What is THC? Which of these can successfully treat cancer? Which can build a house? Which have you been propagandized against by the oil-pharma monopoly? We’ll answer the questions.

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