Liam Scheff Pinch Hits, Official Stories Europe, April Boden Truther Talk, Terrorism, Pop Culture, Ginger Taylor Canary Party, Ron Paul Updates, Bob Tuskin Intel Hub, 9/11 Studies, Joni Cox Homegrown Health and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show October 3, 2012

Liam Scheff is pinch-hitting for RSB today, and has packed the show with guests. First, April Boden of and Truther Talk (with Virstyne Henry) comes on to talk terrorism, pop culture, whitewater, Oklahoma City, 9/11 and “Friends” – yes, the television show.

April, mother of two, will relate her experience of kids and video games! Video games, which Liam calls “a great criminal conspiracy against the youth of the world.” April has some insights as to why parents are more comfortable keeping kids inside so much – and how our fears have made kids prisoners in the home. We’re going to talk about child sexual abuse in this segment, so adult supervision requested.

Ginger Taylor of the Canary Party comes in to round out the first hour with Ron Paul talk. Any hope for a Paul campaign? And what has the Republican’t party been up to?

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Hour 2:

Bob Tuskin returns with tales from University. He’s putting college students through the paces of 9/11 studies, and we get to witness it thanks to the miracle of YouTube. [ link: ]

Bob and the Intel Hub are producing a new full-length documentary, focusing on the “slow kill” methods of the eugenics industry, from vaccination and GMO to HIV testing. We’ll talk about all of it in this half hour.

And “Homegrown Health’s” Joni Cox gives us a preview of tomorrow’s show when she takes the reins as guest host. We talk placentas, breast milk and other nonfood stuffs!

More stories:

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Study finds intellectual disability not an inherited genetic disorder. Can you say epigenetics, once again?

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