Liam Scheff – RIP, Encore of Liam’s last visit, Hour 2. Dr. Frank King, healing revolution, treating allergies the Holistic way.

April 7th, 2017  7-9PM

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show: Remembering Liam Scheff

Robert received the sad news just last night that his dear friend had passed away after a year-long battle with a serious health condition. Lest anyone start forming their own conspiracy theories, or fear that Liam gave up before his time, read HERE his last post.

On Sunday’s show, April 9th from 1-3PM EST, several special friends and guests who worked, argued, and laughed with Liam will be on the show to share stories and remember him with his fans. We love reading through your Facebook comments, those of you who followed his work, and whose lives were better for the questions he asked.

Liam was an author, radio personality, and a seeker of truth.  Best known perhaps for his book, Official Stories: Counter-Arguments for a Culture in NeedLiam liked to ask the questions that made everyone else, “Uncomfortable”. 

On Freshman Friday today, Captain Morgen gives RSB space to grieve, but also pesters him with questions per usual.  If emotions are natural, why do they effect our bodies in negative ways? We’d love you to share your own throughts in the comments!

Keep healing!  Liam stayed true to his healing protocols right up until the very end. He would appreciate us keeping on schedule, and honoring our new listeners with great advice from Dr. Frank King, of King Bio. 

It’s time to safely desensitize you from your allergies! Dr. Frank King returns with the HealingRevolution!

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Hour 2 ~ Encore:  Special Guest: Liam Scheff!  Bonus footage, only on our sound-cloud: HERE

Liam Scheff

Liam is author of the amusing and highly-praised “Official Stories,” a reverse-textbook for all the myths we were taught in school (because “official stories exist to protect officials”). And stay tuned for Official Stories 2: American Heretic, coming spring 2016.

As a journalist, Liam has broken national stories of pharmaceutical badness, been published widely in print and on the web, and has worked on and been featured in films that have not yet been banned by the state censors. To his credit, he’s also been libeled on the front page of the New York Times (see Ch.6 of his book Official Stories).

RSB visits with Liam Scheff to discuss letting go of “hopium” – that addictive ‘hope-like substance’ that we use when we don’t want to look at reality – and instead embrace reality. Which reality?
The one where oil might not be flowing as freely (or cheaply) as we have become accustomed.
We’ll get a brief update on Liam’s health condition (brought on by invasive ‘holistic’ dentistry) and why acceptance is preferable to “hopium.” Then back to PETROLEUM – the health problem eating our entire world, and our helpless, hopium-addicted nation. Should we “keep on believing” in a future that looks like our hopeful imagination? Or…. look at the details and accept a more probable future — with planning for what’s likely. For Liam, accepting reality is more hopeful than living in denial. What about you? Read Liam’s latest article here:

THE FRACKERS ARE COMING! THE FRACKERS ARE COMING! Or, How the Oil Industry Promises You Everything (And Gives You Pennies On the Dollar)

RSB-Liam-Philly2We’ll cover the inception of the petroleum century, the peaking of U.S. oil in 1971, the embargo years – leading to the Carter doctrine (“The Middle East’s Oil … is OURS at any and all costs)…
The birth of the Neo-Cons under Reagan, Bush, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and company, and the 9/11 “pearl harbor.”
What about the realities of fracking, the “100 billion barrel” discoveries – and what they look like after the HOPIUM wears off. It’s an honest and perhaps unnerving conversation between two adults, one who has faced (and one facing) severe health challenges – both looking at the world honestly.
Liam reflects on the limits of the HOPIUM in the health freedom movement as well, giving credit where it’s due – but revealing the fantasies held by that group – and what they need to be thinking about as we approach the die-down of petroleum as the major supporting pillar of our society.
Oh, and there are a few jokes, too. Hey, we’re still a couple of wild and crazy guys. Finally, when RSB says that the power to heal is yours, what happens if it’s not? Or does it imply a continuity beyond this lifetime?

We likely cannot fit everything we want to talk about into one hour, so be on the lookout for bonus audio available only in The RSB Show SoundCloud archives.

Many of you know Liam is suffering an extreme health crisis. You can support his work and, in case he dissipate into the aether, my loved ones by buying a book or donating on Paypal. While the Internet still exists.

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Remember friends, the power to heal, is yours!

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