Liam Scheff Unveils “Official Stories,” Darwin is Dead, Survival of the Flightiest, Ginger Taylor Canary Party Convention Minneapolis, Autism One Review, Vaccine Exemption Guarantee, Cow Massage, Radiated Pacific Blue Fin Tuna and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show May 30, 2012

Guaranteed Vaccine Exemptions

What is the most efficient way to defeat a licensed representative of the state and Big Pharma who insists on claiming that you must vaccinate your child? Make them sign a contract that holds them fully liable to cover your child’s medical costs should he or she be injured from the shot. You are perfectly willing to comply if only they will guarantee that your child will be cared for should injury occur. Of course, if your child were to die after receiving the vaccine (it does happen), be sure to let them know that they are on the hook for that, too. You will find NO doctor willing to sign. Keep climbing up the bureaucratic oligarchy to find someone who will sign. Even in West Virginia, where it is darn near impossible to get a medical exemption, they will find a way to get you one, or ten.

Liam Scheff unveils “Official Stories” on the Robert Scott Bell Show. His new book, receiving high praise from serious investigators, journalists and educators alike, is a fun, inspired read through the events that lie just beneath the surface of the American landscape. The RSB Show blog presents an excerpt from “Official Stories” Darwin chapter (, and Liam and RSB discuss the disaster of “survival of the fittest.”

Liam explains. as a non-Christian, why “Darwinism is dead,” and why it was never a science. This is something rarely, if ever, taken on by media. But Darwinism is NOT a science – there is no math, no algebra, no set of variables that makes it work. Real researchers in evolutionary science have abandoned Darwinism in favor of the irrudicible and brilliant micro-machines that form our cells. But society has not let Darwinism go. Liam explores these themes in his new book, and will share it all on air today.

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RSB will also talk about his interview with Luc Montagnier, and the problem with current models of AIDS – which is covered in Chapter 6 of “Official Stories.”

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Ginger Taylor, Executive Director of the Canary Party, drops by to talk about their upcoming National Convention, July 20-22 in Minneapolis, MN. We’ll also review the Autism One conference from this past week.  As the Autism community and the Health Freedom community join forces to learn from one another and fight together for their God given right to make their own health choices, both groups are joining the Canary Party to make an impact in the upcoming elections.  If we are to preserve our rights to natural foods, clean water and safe medical interventions, then we must get involved in government to prevent the encroachment on those rights by unscrupulous or even well meaning politicians who are being influenced by Big Pharma, Agro business, and multi-national Chemical Corporations that seek to raise their profits by pushing their products on an unsuspecting public.  We are awake, now we need to get to work to defend our health!”

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Careful! You may be uttering words that can get you on the government watch list! Don’t say pork, cloud or Mexico! And never utter the FDA or CDC!

Before you vaccinate, give your doctor this:

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