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How much can you take? When things look really bad, there is an understandable tendency to want to cut and run. What about mend and stay? Are you here to run away when the going gets tough? I’ll admit that the thought has crossed my mind over the many years, especially while a majority of Americans move through life like FDA-inebriated drug zombies. Do we stick around for them? No. It’s for those who are waking from such an artificial government-approved slumber. They’ll want to cry, but I suggest you make ‘em laugh. Easing a burden is not always about removing the weight, but deflecting attention from the pain. Have you heard anyone tell you that where attention goes, energy flows? It’s way better than doing the same thing you have always done and expecting the pain to go away.

Beyond hydration, water plays a vital role as a matrix of communication and life-flow. While it may be referred to as Di-hydrogen Monoxide (H2O), there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to water quality and benefit. When asked about the water that is most ideal, RSB often refers to water that bubbles naturally out of the ground from a fresh spring aquifer. But how many have access to such water? How many of the sources remain unpolluted? How many of us even understand that beyond the pollutants we can filter out, there are discordant energies that can disrupt cellular function? The good news is that we can mimic nature in restoration of water integrity! We’ll do just that with Paul Barattiero  (1-800-337-7017) today on the air! What does RSB drink? Visit Robert’s Water to find out!

The Beatles may have given us the White Album, but now you can give anyone you deem worthy a Love Album! RSB is joined by Charlene Fellows, and Ian Fenn, CEO of, who writes:

It was a sad day when we buried my Father at a small village church in the heart of England, but it was also the day that You Spread Love was born. I gave a moving speech at my father’s funeral service, and some of his friends asked me for a copy it of afterwards in the village pub. After a pint or two of local beers the stories about my father began to flow, and they were mostly ones I had never heard before. There were so many wonderful comments and kind words about my Father that it made me wonder if all these people had ever told him how much he had meant to them, my guess was that they had not.

A few years later I read an article about living wakes, which are parties where the guests write about the person the party is for as if that person had recently died. This makes people say what they really feel about the person, and they can be very moving experiences for all involved and highly validating for the person getting all the attention. A few days after reading this article I had the entire idea for You Spread Love which came to me in a moment of inspiration, like the classic light bulb going off in my head.

You Spread Love came from a place deep in my heart and its purpose is to bring out that which is in everyone’s heart. You Spread Love was created with a mission, To Help millions of people to express love and appreciation to those around them in a deeper more meaningful way than they might ever have otherwise done. I created this site because I realised on that day in the church that I could have said much more to him than I did, and It is my hope that one day no one will leave this world not knowing just how much they were loved by all who knew them, please use this site to spread more love to your friends and family, and create wonderful gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other events that can be improved by a giant flow of love and appreciation.

A year or so ago, I mentioned my plans to build You Spread Love to a my friend Treg, who then went silent on the phone, I asked him “what’s going on?” He then told me about the hand made LoveAlbum on his desk in front of him and how it was the most treasured gift he had ever been given in his life. He told me how his wife had contacted all his friends and family the old fashioned way by letter and phone and gathered all of their comments together and placed them in a book as a special gift for his fiftieth birthday. He told me how the words of his friends had moved him to tears of joy and how he could only read two or three pages at a time because the emotion was so powerful. He had no idea what he meant to most of them, no idea just how much they valued him and his friendship. The power of gathering together to create a LoveAlbum or a LoveBlast is amazing, I hope you enjoy the process which this site has made so easy to do. Give some one you care about the gift of love and validation, they will value it for the rest of their life. Who’s life have you changed? By

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Questions of the Day: 1) [I am a] Childhood cancer survivor, I was robbed by modern medical mystics of my kidney. How can I support this single kidney and how can I ensure the treatments effects and toxins are eliminated by my body? Thanks Robert, don’t forget you wouldn’t go to a mechanic who can’t diagnose and repair your car same goes for your doc! Yours truly, Jeff The Organic Mechanic

2) Dear Dr. Bell, Could you recommend a holistic practitioner in South Florida or direct me to how to find one. Thank-you in advance. (I´m looking for someone to help my father, who is a medical mess. They got him on chemo drugs for his Ulcerative colitis and he is type 2 diabetic. He was also prescribed anti-depressants for trouble sleeping and now can´t get off of them. He´s trapped and would like to get off the medical merry-go-round. Is it possible for to get off all drugs?) Also, is Celiac disease related to vaccine injury/damage and can that be reversed? With kind regards, Sharon

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What else is in the news?

Test everyone! For what? A non-specific, cross-reactive something that we cant even isolate! HIV tests for all from 15-65!

The CDC is watching you and your children, too! Why? They want to know if you are complying with “voluntary” vaccine mandates.

The American Academy of Pediatrics finally admits that all GER in infants is not necessarily GERD, nor is it always a drug/surgery-deficiency disease. Well, it’s a step…

Where is all your Tax money going? I suppose Obama (just like Bush before him) believes that Afghan warlords need it more that you do…

Is Shelter-in-Place the new normal for an Orwellian federal government and the people who still cower in its presence?

Ron Paul still cuts through the government-loving propaganda on the political right as he states that the manhunt for the Boston Marathon attackers was scarier than the attack itself.

Believe it or not, the political left is starting to awaken to the nightmare that is Obama’s Drone War

Obamacare has gotten better, according to CIA/Time’s Joe Klein. How? There are fewer pages when you have to sign up. Seriously.

In case you missed my RSB Show Sunday broadcast (4/28/13) on GCN  Hour 1: Nightmare on Boylston Street, Cancer’s Chemo-deficiency, Police State Welfare, Food Stamps R Us, Obamacare PR, Pesticide Punches and More! Hour 2: Judy Erwin, Rife Frequency, Healing Energy, Neutralizing Evil and More! You can download the archive here: Also, here is the iTunes feed for Sunday RSB Show broadcasts.

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