Maryanne Godboldo Updates, Liam Scheff Slams Racist NPR, HIV Non-tansmissability, Sports Injury and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show August 30, 2011

Charges against Maryanne Godboldo dropped.

Maryanne Godboldo goes free, but she still has to fight for custody of her child against an out-of-control state agency. RSB reviews the news and how to send bureaucrats away, peacefully, if at all possible! Charges dismissed against Mich. mother in standoff!


Charges dismissed against Maryanne Godboldo, mom involved in police standoff over care of daughter,-mom-involved-in-police-standoff-over-care-of-daughter

Charges dropped against Detroit mom in police standoff…

Public Brainwashing Service brought to you by Monsanto and ADM...

NPR admits what public radio and television have spent millions of dollars covering up – the massive fraud of “HIV/AIDS.”


In an unscripted bit of candor, University of Pennsylvania researcher Susan Watkins admits (on NPR’s “This American Life”) that “HIV is very difficult to transmit.” But public radio and television have been forwarding the notion that “HIV is a sexually-transmitted disease” which is affecting tens of millions of Africans? Why this sudden about face?

RSB and ‘The Conspiracy Realist’ Liam Scheff take the elites to task, and reveal how the Ivory Tower set truly views Africans. Their view: Invade their personal lives, read their diaries, and engage in “ideational change,” all-the-while convincing Africans that “HIV” is a threat, despite admitting that it is not.

The end result – in the guise of “helping” poor rural and urban people, the Ivy League “HIV/AIDS” experts are out to control population – under the false pretense of ‘stopping a virus.’ Tune in for the explosive exposé…

In Malawi, in southeast Africa, not gossiping can be worse than gossiping. Sarah interviews a young Malawian woman named Hazel Namandingo, who explains that because so many people have HIV and AIDS in Malawi, they often rely on gossip to figure out who’s safe to date or marry. It turns out this kind of gossip is the basis for a huge research project about AIDS in Malawi. Links: This American Life “Gossip.”

The Malawi Diffusion and Ideational Change Project (MDICP) –
University of Pennsylvania “Ideational Change Project”

(Warning! There will be some adult and frank discussion of human sexuality during the second hour of today’s RSB Show broadcast – not for titillation – but to genuinely save lives.)

Pediatricians seek to KO youth boxing…

Sports Injury Facts:

In 2001, the number of sport-related injuries for each sport are as follows:

◦   Gymnastics — 99,722

◦   Basketball — 680,307

◦   Baseball — 170,902

◦   Softball — 118,354

◦   Football — 413,620

◦   Soccer — 163,003

◦   Volleyball — 55,860

◦   Track & Field — 15,113

◦   Hockey — 63,945

Youth boxing is not even on the list!

Underuse of Cardiac Preventive Meds a ‘Global Tragedy’ – huh? The real tragedy is that doctors (aka drug pushers) have convinced much of the population of planet earth that they are 1-5 drugs deficient of a heart attack. This is your cardiologist’s brain on drugs…

Tackling Obesity Epidemic Needs To Be Government Led? Never mind that they have already led the poorest among us into obesity by their intelligent-deficient views on diet and nutrition for the last 50 years…

Thousands of California parents not vaccinating their children despite whooping-cough outbreak… You do realize that whooping cough is not caused by a vaccine deficiency, don’t you?

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