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Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Robert Scott Bell Show February 14, 2013 Did you miss the show? Click here and you can listen right now.

When Obama says that the State of the Union is strong, does he even know what the Union is? In order for any union to be legitimate, it must be voluntary, not held together by force and threats of mortal violence. While that may be a spiritual concept beyond the grasp of political criminals, it does not stop them from using focus group tested words and phrases to keep the masses in line with consensus reality. Do we really live, once again, in a time of bread and circuses? Retired Congressman Ron Paul said as much in his assessment of Obama’s speech and the fawning, robot-like behavior of both Democrats and Republicans. What is the U.S.? Will RSB take his perspective even one step further and say the things that can never be said in the old media? Count on it.

Is it a Valentine’s Day mess or is it a permanent state of lawlessness in Southern California? What just happened in Los Angeles with the alleged cop-killer Chris Dorner and what does it reveal about the absence of any pretense of police protection there? The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, is back with news updates and analysis extending from LA County to Washington, D.C. and beyond. Is your local police force militarized like those operating at LAPD? As above, so below. The Obama Administration has declared that it has the legal justification to declare any American a terrorist and then target them for assassination. It was only a matter of time before municipalities that receive Federal block grants for law enforcement would emulate such unconstitutional edicts and become terminator squads for the regime. Where is your Divine Right of defense? It still exists, but do not expect governmental authorities to respect it. What happens when the government itself respects no law? While you may be witnessing it right now, Mike and RSB provide perspectives that you will get nowhere else in the media. Stand by for the news!

Jon Rappoport may drop by to discuss the State of the Union, union of the statists, or maybe even peel the collectivist onion façade even further! When you listen to a politician speak, what do you hear? Unless you recognize that they are spouting sounds devoid of any real meaning, they may be playing you. Do you know why Obama neglected to mention Obamacare in his speech the other evening? Jon will tell us why. What about the states that are supposed to be establishing health exchanges? What if they don’t? We’ll also talk about the new medical litmus test that will determines whether your rights still exist. Would you like Freedom of Speech and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms? Be on the lookout for Psychiatric Disqualification. Rather than compounding problems, Jon reveals the many ways we can unplug from consensus reality – a reality that provides the illusion of freedom while actually enslaving us. If you like freedom, you’ll love hearing Jon and RSB letting loose on Valentine’s Day. Every day.

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Come see RSB, Liam Scheff and many others at The Health Freedom Expo in Long Beach, California March 1-3, 2013!

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